The Stunning Actress / Model Kirsten Imrie! She Was “The Face Of 96” And Here’s Proof!

Celebrating “The Face Of 96”!

One of the Facebook pages related to Empowered female Actress/Models featured Kirsten Imrie and I’m glad it did, because she has a fascinating story!

Kirsten Imrie was born on October 26, 1967 in Chelsea, London, England as Kirsten Fi Fi Imrie. 

She was a “Page 3” girl – you remember those, right?

After that, she was off to the races, appearing in newspapers, magazine and more!

She appeared in the film “The Rainbow Thief” in a small role – the film starred legends Peter O’ Toole and Christopher Lee!

But it was int he world of magazines that she was a superstar – in fact, she was named “The Face of ’96” by Amateur Photographer magazine, because of all of the calendars and magazines she appeared in!

Kristen ended up appearing in a number of Playboy videos as well:

Kristin appeared in a number of documentaries, including “The Curse Of Page 3” in 2003 – but soon after she headed in a completely different direction!

As a huge animal love, for the past few years she has hosted animal shows like this one: “FiFi’s Friends!”

Bravo to Kirsten for an empowered career – following her passions!

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Kirsten Imrie, topless, indoors

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6 replies

  1. As per Wikipedia, Miss Imrie used the name Kirsten Stewart in “Penthouse”, an alias which just BEGS to be mistyped…

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  2. She was best known here as a presenter on ‘Adult TV’, shown late at night on free to watch channels. Viewers who wanted to would call a premium rate phone line, requesting the ‘models’ to perform in a certain way, or wear particular underwear.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. A fantastic woman. Wish we had seen her in the American edition in the ’90s.

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