Italian Actress Stefania Casini Is “Bad”! From “Suspiria” To Her Notorious Robert DeNiro Sex Scene!

Celebrating Italian Sex Kitten Stefania Casini!

One of the great pleasures of diving into cult cinema is to find great Cult Movie Queens like Stefania Casini – who I discovered thanks to this classic slice of Italian Giallo:

A brilliant thriller – but just one of a number of terrific roles for Stefania – let’s look at her career!

Stefania Casini was born in 1948 in Italy.

After graduating in Architecture, Stefania began a career in acting and has worked with acclaimed Directors like Bernardo Bertolucci, Peter Greenaway and Dario Argento.

She appeared in more than 40 films – here are some of her most provocative:

“Andy Warhol’s Dracula” AKA “Blood For Dracula”

This arty 1974 horror film was directed by Paul Morrissey and starred Joe Dallesandro.

Here is the trailer:

An ailing vampire count travels to Italy with his servant to find a bride.

And boy, does he!

She also appeared in arguably the greatest Italian “Gallo” film of all time:

A true masterpiece. Jessica Harper stars as a US student to attends a ballet school in Italy – here’s the classic trailer:

If you haven’t seen this, it’s a perfect example of Italian Giallo, and Stefania is great in it:

If you want to see more of the best gills, including “Strip Nude For Your Killer”, click here:

Casini was in both “Suspiria” and “Andy Warhol’s Bad” in 1977 – what a year for her!

One of her wildest onscreen appearances came in this acclaimed film:

Stefania’s Graphic Sex Scene With Robert DeNiro And Gerard Depardieu!

The powerful and very provocative film by Director Bernardo Bertolucci, “1900”, includes one of the most graphic scenes ever for a mainstream film!

The most notorious scene involved a graphic sex scene between her, French Actor Gerard Depardieu and Robert De Niro!

The Actress has talked about the infamous scene:

“With Bertolucci we frequented the same circle of Roman friends. One evening he said to me: “We wrote a character for you, his name is Neve”. An epileptic prostitute. I have never had problems with modesty, I posed for nude photos, my naked body was like a flower: a beautiful thing, not to be covered.”

And it certainly wasn’t – but nether were the two Actors!

She continued:

“It was the two boys who had more problems: it is more difficult for a man to show sex, a question of size. But Bertolucci loved actors, he put us in a position to give our best .”

And boy, did they!

Well, Bertolucci did direct “Last Tango In Paris”, so they knew what they were getting into!

Casini also was a hugely popular Model in Italy as well:

Stefania also appeared in this late 70’s Giallo shocker:

While acting in Italian films and TV shows in the 80’s and beyond, Stefania also moved behind the camera, and became a director.

A passionate traveler, Stefania has made a great number of documentaries and reportages for RAI and MEDIASET.

Bravo to Stefania for an empowered, provocative career!

She’s just one of the great Italian Actresses I’ve profiled in the past:

Andrea Belfiore had a great career and you can see all of it here:

One of my all-time favorite Cult Movie Queens is Italian beauty Debora Caprioglio:

She had a provocative career and you can see it all here:

And let’s not forget the timely beauty of Silvia Dionisio:

She had a great cult film career and you can see the highlights here:

One more Italian beauty to share:

What a career Laura Antonelli had – and you can her highlights here:

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  1. She is one I do know. I have seen Suspiria and Novecento, and had them both on VHS at one time. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.



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