Who’s “Up” For Some Raven de la Croix? My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” Has Her “Biggest” Hits!

Getting “Up” With Raven De La Croix!

My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” is celebrating some of cinema’s great Cult Movie Queens…many had short careers, but they sure shined bright!

I have profiled many of Director Russ Meyer’s “biggest” stars, and I’ll provide links at the end of the story – but he had a type to be sure, and he was a star-maker as well!

That’s exactly what happened when he discovered Raven De La Croix!



Raven De La Croix was born Lynn Christie Allec De La Croix on August 24, 1947 in the Bronx, New York.

She was a Nurse before making a huge career change and becoming an exotic dancer…

Raven’s Time Was “Up!”

Raven lived in New York before moving to Hollywood – leading to a pure Tinseltown moment!

Raven was discovered by the iconic Director Russ Meyer at a West Hollywood bar – and he cast her in his newest sexploitation romp!


I won’t even try to describe the plot of this Meyer opus, except to say it gave Raven a chance to showcase her assets!



This was Raven’s motion picture debut – and from there, the Actress made appearances large and small in a number of sex farces from that era:

She had an uncredited role in “The Happy Hooker Goes To Hollywood” – her role was listed as “nude on table!”

Of course, I shared the story of that film’s notorious star, Joey Heatheron:

She had a troubled path through the world of entertainment…click here for her revealing story:

As for Raven, she drifted through the end of the decade by appearing in some very small parts, including an uncredited “woman in crowd” scene in “The Blues Brothers.”

She was incredibly beautiful, but aside from Meyer, no Director really took advantage of it.

However, when the 80’s arrived, she was back in the cult film world with the 1983 film “Screwballs”, and then ended up in a sci-fi gem:

“The Lost Empire” in 1984 gave her a big role along with another of that era’s cult Actresses, Angela Aames.

Here’s a scene from the film – should give you an idea of what to expect from this Jim Wynorkski film:

Angela Aames, Raven De La Croix and Melanie Vincz in The Lost Empire (1984)

Aside from finding time in the film for a shower, Angela Aames had a great career underway before tragedy struck – click here to see her story:

She made a video short that same year called “The Erotic Moods Of Raven De La Croix”.

She ultimately ended up in a series of videos with titles like “The Breast Things In Life Are Free”


“The Double-D Avenger” was her last well known effort – literally a reunion of Russ Meyer Actresses!

That’s Meyer vet Kitten Natividad on the left, who must use her new amazing abilities as the super-stacked costumed crime fighter, The Double-D Avenger, to stop a villainous bikini bar owner.

She’s joined in the film by Raven and Haji, another Meyer legend! See her wild career here:

As for Raven, she was a popular Magazine cover Model with candid pictorials as well:



Ultimately, Raven drifted out of the business, with a few small roles in various films…there is little regarding what she has done since, but she shined brightly for a short period to be sure – just like these other Russ Meyer beauties:

Haji was an Iconic Actress, and had a great career in cult film as well.

See them all here:


This Actress was in the Director’s legendary “Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!”

Susan Bernard had a great career and you can see it all here:


I also shared the story of Eve Meyer, who was married to the Director:

You can see all of her career highlights here:

And of course, who can ever forget Kitten Natividad?

A real “sex kitten” indeed!

See her highlights here:

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6 replies

  1. Up! was the first Russ Meyer movie I saw – and only a few years ago. Certainly he created a “genre” of movie all his own.

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  2. As a Russ Meyer fan, I only know her from his film. I have never seen any of the others you featured.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. There’s another Russ Meyer actress I’m curious about, but find little. Shari Eubank, star of ‘SuperVixens’ (she had a dual role). A gorgeous lady, and I’d like to find out if she ever did anything else. This is one of my favorite Meyer flicks.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Raven is another iconic beauty who deserved more and bigger movie parts. Too bad more producers didn’t capitalize on Raven’s beauty. Her big beautiful eyes and sexy busty figure is legendary.



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