The Mysterious Re-Emergence Of Anna Nicole Smith! Her Provocative Return And Tragic Life!

The Mystery Of Anna Nicole Smith’s “Return!”

She was one of the most vivacious, kooky and playful Playboy Playmates of all time – and the star of various film and TV shows, including one about herself!

The stunningly beautiful Anna Nicole Smith ultimately had a controversial personal life and tragic death – but the reason I am profiling her in my “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” is because of this poster I saw plastered all over Hollywood, California recently:

Is Ann Nicole “Back?”

First, of course we missed her, but what is this poster all about?

Let’s dig into the story of Anna Nicole Smith, and her mysterious resurrection!

Anna Nicole was born Vickie Lynn Hogan in 1967 in Houston, Texas. Her online biography on says that her Mom was a Sheriff’s Deputy!

As she once told People magazine, she always craved the spotlight, fame – and love as well:

“I want it so bad. I’ve tried so hard my whole life. I’m kind-hearted, and I give, give, give. I think maybe it’s my time to receive.”

She attended Mexia High School, but dropped out during her junior year. Anna was working at Wal-Mart, earning $60 a week, when her life changed forever.

She began modeling when she was twenty, and came to the attention of Playboy’s Hugh Hefner – that made her a star.

Anna Nicole first appeared in the magazine when she was chosen Playboy’s Playmate of the Month in May 1992.

Obviously, the camera loved her – and she had a playful, erotic and empowered spirit – it was only natural what was next:

Anna was named the 1993 Playmate Of The Year – and in her photo shoots, she exhibited an infectious joy and playfulness – as well as beauty:

Anna Nicole set several Playboy records: she was was the tallest and heaviest Playmate, and had the biggest measurements as well – at 5’11”, only Julie Cialini and India Allen measured up.

You remember India, don’t you?

This gorgeous Playmate, Model and Actress ended up having a disastrous experience working with Troma – click here for the story and more photos:

For Anna Nicole, her relationship with Playmate made her a superstar. As she said:

“The people in Texas won’t believe it when these pictures of me hit the newsstands, because I was considered a goody-two-shoes nerd back in high school!”

According to her Playboy Playmate of the Year interview, she revealed that she had once worked in a fried chicken restaurant in Mexia, Texas, and married one of the cooks!

So, that was the first taste that Anna Nicole’s personal life had some secrets.

Anna loved the spotlight, and the spotlight loved her right back.

She posed for some of the most beautiful photos ever – she had a “Marilyn Monroe” vibe that the camera loved!

But Her Personal Storm Clouds Were Forming…

Sadly, Anna Nicole’s personal life was a disaster.

When she was a topless dancer in Houston, Texas in October 1991, she met J. Howard Marshall II, an elderly oil tycoon.

In a shocking turn of events, Anna Nicole married him when she was 26; he was nearly 90 at the time.

Here’s what she said about the marriage:

“I’m sick of being accused of gold-digging. It just so happens I get turned on by liver spots.”

She remained hugely popular in Playboy, so the marriage didn’t seem to get in her way at all.

However, when her husband died, Anna Nicole found herself in a wild court battle with his son. November 1999, suing for half of the assets generated during her marriage from her late husband’s $1.6 billion estate plus the monthly stipend he left her in his will. Her stepson, E. Pierce Marshall, tried to block her from receiving any assets from the estate. In September 2000, a Los Angeles bankruptcy judge awarded Anna $449,754,134 from her husband’s estate. But in July 2001, Houston judge Mike Wood vacated that award and ordered her to pay over $1 million in fees and expenses to stepson E. Pierce Marshall’s team. Finally, in March 2002, was awarded $88 million from the estate of her late husband, but was denied claim that she was also owed interest on that money.

While her personal life remained in turmoil, Anna Nicole’s public persona continued to expand.

Anna Nicole moved into film, as she began appearing in a variety of movies in small roles, with a few exceptions:

“To The Limit!”

Her foray into the action genre was a classic 90’s film in the Andy Sidaris mold – check out the trailer, which is in a foreign language but it really doesn’t matter!

First, you have to commit to the premise that Anna Nicole is an ex-CIA agent, who sets out for cold, hard revenge against the ruthless villain and his group of trained assassins who murdered her husband.

I was willing to give her a shot in the action genre – after all, in pure exploitation cinema fashion, she still had time for a lengthy shower:

She also appeared in “Skyscraper” – you can look up the plot yourself, but be comforted by the fact that, no matter how much danger she was in, Anna Nicole still had time to shower:

Sadly, she didn’t seem fully committed to her acting career – but she had many many covers of Playboy still to come:

My Anna Nicole Connection!

I interacted with Anna Nicole a few times: when I ran Howard Stern’s E! TV show, I saw her at the studio several times…she was nice, a big ditzy and sometimes seemingly “medicated” – I was also at E! in 2002 when her reality show premiered.

I left E! shortly after the series premiered, but heard that she was not really up for the rigors of a TV series, and the show only lasted two seasons…

More Tragedy…

Anna Nicole’s personal life continued to unravel. Her son, Daniel Smith, died suddenly while visiting Anna Nicole and her newborn daughter in September 2006. He had flown to the Bahamas to join his mother and was in her hospital room when he collapsed.

As for Anna Nicole, she died at age 39, apparently as a result of an overdose of prescription drugs. A shocking and sad end to a trouble life…

And as for these posters:

Since Anna Nicole was the most iconic Guess? Jeans Model of all time, so apparently some of her iconic work is being used again!

I found a story suggesting that Guess? will bring Anna back via an ad campaign that celebrates her earlier work. Such a sad end to her life – she was gorgeous, but very troubled, and tragedy seemed to follow her everywhere…

She was one of the colorful personalities of the 90’s, along with empowered women like these:

Pamela Anderson hold the record for most Playboy covers – but she should have been a huge action star!

Here’s the story I told about her “Barb Wire” misfire:

Her 90’s erotic thrillers reminded me of another Actress who was hugely popular in that genre, and also was involved with a rocker:

Shannon Tweed had a great career in “direct to VHS” thriller in the 90’s, and ultimately married longtime companion Gene Simmons of KISS. See her most provocative roles here:

I also shared my “close encounter” with another 90’s sex kitten:

Victoria Silvstedt also had a great run of 90’s erotic films and you can see the best of them by clicking here:

And speaking of the the 90’s, how about this erotic sex kitten?


Joan Severance had a great run of erotic thrillers – and you can see her most provocative here:

For one Actress, she had a single foray into this erotic drama world – what what a foray it was!

That’s right: Elizabeth Berkley made one trip down this rabbit role in the wildness that was “Showgirls”!

Click here to see more about this epic cult film!

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  1. Anna was a huge favourite of mine at the time. I always wondered why she didn’t just take her $88,000,000 and live a peaceful life somewhere. Another casualty of the lust for fame, sadly.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Sad to say, Anna Nicole Smith made the Kardashian family the type you would invite over for dinner. As you can see, I’m no fan. Don’t get me started on the K family. Groan



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