Celebrating Adult Movie Queen Darby Lloyd Rains! Here Are Her “Golden Age” Adult Films!

Celebrating Darby Lloyd Rains!

My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” has highlighted some of the great Cult Movie Queens of the 70’s, which was also the “Golden Age Of Porn” – and Darby Lloyd Rains was in some of the most critically acclaimed adult films of that time!

Darby Lloyd Rains hailed from a middle-class theatrical family – her Dad performed in shows on Broadway as a song and dance man and Darby started her career in show business as a nightclub singer.

Darby got into the adult film industry in the early 70’s as a way to earn extra money until her singing career took off – and boy did she get into the business at the right time!

Darby ended up appearing in some of the most critically-acclaimed XXX-rated film of that era. and had a very active career, with 58 screen credits!

Here are some of her most well known:

She appeared with the legendary Tina Russell in “Dark Dreams” in 1971…this is a brooding, dark film that would be considered an “art” film except it included explicit sex!

The film’s star Tina Russell had a fascinating career and a troubled life…see more of her story here:

Also that year, Darby appeared in “The Altar Of Lust” for Director Roberta Findlay:

Rains was appearing with a number of popular adult stars, like Laura Cannon, who was also in “Dark Dreams”:

Cannon was in the shocking adult film “Forced Entry” as well as “Fleshpot On 42nd Street” – but she had a tragic life…click here to see all of her most provocative credits:

As for Darby, she appeared in “Hot Channels” in 1973, using the name Melanie Daniels…

The following year, Darby was in the huge hit “Memories Within Miss Aggie”, considered one of the most artistic adult films of all time!

Here’s the plot: Troubled middle-aged spinster Aggie lives in isolation with her crippled wheelchair-bound companion Richard. While attempting to remember the exact circumstances pertaining to how she and Richard first met, Aggie slowly, but surely starts to piece together a true portrait of who and what she really is.

Kim Pope plays the older Aggie, while Darby is used in flashbacks as a younger Aggie…it was directed by Gerard Damiano, who made “Deep Throat” and went on to make many of the best adult films of the 70’s…

Kim Pope had a number of great adult films and you can see them here:

Darby continued to work for years…here are more films she appeared in:

Rains was in 1974’s classic adult film “The Private Afternoons Of Pamela Mann”.

“SOS: Screw On The Screen” in 1975 is what you would expect the XXX-rated newspaper to do…

This book was actually written as a gag! I’ll explain more in a minute, but it was one of her biggest starring roles:

So, about the book – it was written by some Marketing people, each contributing a chapter – to see if they could write the WORST piece of erotic fiction ever!

Click here for the entire story:

“Linda Lovelace Meets Miss Jones” in 1975 was a chance to take advantage of two of the era’s biggest Adult Movie Queens!

A housewife is visited by repairman Harry Reems, who brings along a collection of 8mm hard-core sex loops featuring Linda Lovelace and Georgina Spelvin before they hit the big time with “Deep Throat” and “The Devil in Miss Jones”, respectively. Despite the title, Lovelace and Spelvin share no scenes – and this is basically a way to combine short sex films into one main feature!

Darby’s last film was in 1978, the movie “Chorus Call.” Her reason for leaving, according to her online bio, is shocking!

As reported:

“She found Joe Negroni dead in the bathroom of their New York City apartment, sitting on the toilet. After this, she left the adult film business and moved to the west coast, where she ran a green cleaning business using all natural substances.”

Darby’s work was transferred to VHS in the 80’s and many compilation like this found their way to store shelves:

Desiree Couseau was also a superstar of that era:

She was stunningly beautiful and had a great career – click here for more:

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Let me know if you are familiar with Darby’s work!

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  1. I had never heard of Darby, or the films highlighted. Another classic ‘golden age’ tribute, John.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I don’t know her, but she has a striking look that I’m sure gave her many loyal fans.



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