All Hail Maria Isabel Lopez! Her Wild Career! Mondo Macabro’s Insane “Silip: Daughters Of Eve” Remastered Blu-Ray!

Meet A Real Cult Movie Queen!

Yes, Maria Isabel Lopez has the crown to prove it!

I came across this exotic beauty when I watched one of the wildest films ever!

My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” has the wild wild career of an empowered Beauty Pageant Queen turned Actress who broke boundaries, stirred up controversies, and is still going strong!

Maria Isabel Pagunsan Lopez  was born August 19, 1957 in the Philippines, and has had an incredible career!

She got her start as a Model – and that work led to her first big career controversy!

At age 24, she won the national “Binibining Pilipinas Universe” beauty pageant – but was almost dethroned because of her earlier work as a sexy lingerie model in a fashion show!

That was the beginning of a career filled with controversies!

Lopez wasn’t shy about the type of film she was filling to make – these highly sexualized roles were certainly not expected of a reigning Beauty Queen!

She was in “Working Girls” in 1984, a comedy where she starred as a young office worker who became a prostitute at night to earn extra money!

This got some play overseas as well – called “Escort Girls”…but nothing prepared me for her performance in this crazy, wild, mad slice of Philippine sexploitation!

“Silip: Daughters Of Eve”

WOW! This 1985 film must be seen to be believed – and then you might not believe it anyway!

Check out this trailer:

Set in the beautiful and remote countryside of the Philippines, the story tells of three young women and their struggle to come to terms with their own sexuality against a background of religious repression and male brutality.

Maria is nude for extended parts of the film, especially as she does indeed explore her budding sexuality:

This movie is almost impossible to describe, except to say that there are many very brutal scenes, full frontal nudity among many cast members, and a candid, searing look at the relationship between men and women in a remote part of that country!

Mondo Digital has a terrific special edition blu-ray, filled with extra bonus material like a 2007 interview with Maria herself – and the Actress doesn’t hold back – it’s as wildly candid as you would expect from her!

Her string of erotic dramas continued:

Here are some more:

Some were retitled for the American marketplace:

She has been embroiled in controversies in her home country too numerous to mention – but she says many of them have to do with Journalists going after her for making provocative films after being named Miss Philippines.

Maria is still stunningly beautiful today, and continues to work in film and TV in her home country…if you want to see more of her controversies over the years, just google her and have a wild ride – she is fearless!

Bravo to Maria for carving out her own career path and standing up to those who challenge her choices…in a country known for some film cinematic history!

This Philippines was known for some of the wildest “anything goes” cinema of the 70’s – and you can see it all in this incredible documentary!

Click for the trailer to “Machete Maidens!”

Many of the wildest “women in prison” films took place in the Philippines, including one starring the gorgeous Roseanne Katon:

She was one of “The Mothers”, filmed in the Philippines – check it out here, plus more of her work:

You know who else worked extensively in that country?

Pam Grier, who showered just as much as all of the convicts did in these films!

See more of her work by clicking here:

And since we are on the epic of “women in prison” films, here’s the craziest one I’ve ever seen!

Yes, to me the wildest of them all was “Bare Behind Bars” – if you haven’t seen this “women in prison” picture, get ready to have your mind blown and your eyes melt!

Click to see the trailer here:

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Bravo to Mondo Macabro for the blu-ray of “Silip: Daughters Of Eve!”

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  1. Another new one to me, John. I have to agree that she still looks amazing today.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Last month we locally gave the stellar director of Silip (Daughters of Eve), Elwood Perez, a special tribute to celebrate his 50th (actually 51st) year of being an active filmmaker. Showcased some of his films online, but majority of them were the uncontroversial ones due to a problem with copyrights and IP from big studios. He made a lot of sex films of which we in the Philippines locally call “Bold” Films (term was coined from a remark a reviewer made from one of Elwood Perez’s earliest “bold” films and it stuck ever since).

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