Whatever Happened To Taija Rae? This Adult Movie Queen Made A Hundred Films And Disappeared!

Diving Into The Story Of Adult Film Star Taija Rae!

My friend Angel asked if I knew anything about the sudden disappearance of one of the most popular Adult Film Stars of the 80’s – the playful, “girl next door” Taija Rae!

So I put on my Sherlock Holmes outfit and tried to find out!

Taija was born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania in 1962. First mystery: what was her real name? I can’t find anything that answers that question.

I do know how she came up with her “stage name”: the first part, pronounced Tayzh-a, came from an Asian cocktail waitress she worked with before she got into the adult film business. The last name, Rae, was a tribute to Actress Fay Wray from the classic movie “King Kong!”

As the terrific website IMDB.com noted about her:

“Taija was neither svelte nor surgically enhanced; she had a “this is pretty much the way I am” look that appealed to men and didn’t threaten women. She seemed approachable, the kind of girl you could meet in a club and offer to buy a drink without getting laughed out of the place. She was a very good actress and an exceptional performer.”

She had a great 80’s look, had more than 120 acting credits, and almost nothing about her private life exists! Here are some of her most well known roles:

She got her start in the 1984 film “Sex Spa USA”.

That same year, she appeared in this cult gem:

Yes, Little Oral Annie is also an Adult Film Superstar, and what a name!

See more of this cult Adult Movie Queens work here:

Here are more of Taija’s films of this era:

She starred with Angel in this film – this Adult Movie Queen was recommended to me by my friend named Angel – and he was right!

She was stunningly beautiful and she also disappeared after a huge career – you can see all of her best films by clicking on my story here:

As for Taija, I found many of her adult film posters and box art, just nothing about her:

She was also a popular magazine Model as well:

She had a real 80’s look, and was a “California Girl” as well – until she surprised the industry by doing this!

As IMDB reports:

“About halfway through her career, however, she changed her look. She went from being a brunette who carried a few extra pounds to being a thin blonde, but she always gave energetic, enthusiastic performances no matter what her look.”

Yes, it turns out she acted as a Brunette first – and a noticeably different look!

She really has a different style in her earlier work – none of the “California Girl” vibe she took on later in her career:

Here she is again with her more modern look – the “golden girl” 80’s hair and the sense of fun – it seemed her career was a huge success – until it wasn’t!

At the end of 1989, she simply dropped out of sight.

Two new films came out in 1991 – and that was the end of Taija!

Did she get married? Did she tire of the business? No one knows!

At first I thought she might one the sister of this adult star:

Mindy Rae was also an 80’s adult film star AND her Sister acted as well – but was there a connection?

Click here for my story!

I’ve told the stories of many an Adult Film Star who abruptly left the business:

Rikki O’Neal had a very short run before she disappeared – see her story here:

And this Adult film star may be the most famous of the “disappearing porn stars!”

Bambi Woods “did” Dallas, became famous, and then dropped out forever!

See her story here:

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Let me know I you have any information to share about Taija!

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20 replies

  1. All new to me, John. I had never heard of Taija, nor the films featured. Hopefully, she turned her back on the porn business and settled down into a happy life.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. I’m not sure the facts about this but very wrong if true


  3. She was in one of my favorites – “Candy Stripers 2”.


  4. A very long time ago now, someone that I personally knew went to Quakertown, Pennsylvania and met Taija Rae in person!! He didn’t tell me ahead of time, so I only found out after the fact!! Sure wish I had gotten to meet her, but no such luck by any means!! From time to time I sure have wondered what became of her to no avail sadly or unfortunately!! Even now after all of this time, I would love to meet her in person if it were possible!! Can’t help but wonder if we will ever find out what became of her or no.


  5. Thank you johnrieber, and yes you are certainly correct or right!! I really miss Taija Rae at times and hope that she will eventually be found or that someone will find out what became of her!! I also just remembered something else from a long time ago now which I’ll now tell. I had heard sometime back in the 1990s sometime that Hyapatia Lee had passed away according to someone I had done business with on Ebay. To this day though, I’ve seen that she is still listed online as living!! Can someone clarify please? I was lucky enough to meet Hyapatia Lee in Person back in the late 1980s somewhere in Philadelphia!! She was extremely nice and kind, and I hope that she actually is still alive now. Sure hope that someone knows.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I was 1st introduced to Rachel Ashley as a 13 year old sneaking X-Rated Mags
    from under the upper shelf that held my favorite Rock Magazines, her &
    Taija Rae.
    All I can say is, “Rachel Ashley came 1st, then Taija Rae. But I don’t put
    one ahead of the other, Both. Are. Uniquely. Their. Own.”


  7. Hershal Savage stated the TT Boy podcast that she is a very successful hairdresser in Beverly Hill.


  8. Hershal Savage stated on the TT Boy podcast that Taija Rae is a very successful hairdresser in Beverly Hills.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Also very nice to find out that Hyapatia Lee is still alive now!! Thanks for sharing that on October 7th Michael B!! I was very lucky to meet her in person back sometime probably in 1,991.

    Liked by 1 person


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