WOW! The Mystery Of “Big Bust Superstar” Roberta Pedon! Is This New Video Her?

The Mysterious LIfe Of “Big Bust” Superstar Roberta Pedon!

As part of my ongoing “Sex Kitten Countdown”, I have profiled some of the Cult Movie Queens of the 70’s, many of whom left the business and never looked back.

But one exotic Sex Kitten left a mysterious trail behind her!

Did Social Media Find Roberta Pedon?

Roberta Pedon is a beautiful Model who also appeared in a few cult films.

She was also a very popular PinUp Model for magazines that specialized in “big busted” women.

Yet so little is known about her!

One report has Pedon born in America in 1954. Yet another has Roberta born in Venice Italy.

Last year, I posted a story about her wild 70’s film career, and I wrote that Roberta was born Rosma Laila Grantoviskis, the daughter of Jewish Latvian refugees.

So Who Is Roberta Pedon?

That’s the mystery I set out to try and solve, and uncovered some new material that is fascinating!

Depending on where you research, you will find reports that Roberta died at the age of 28 in 1982.

Did she? Or is she still alive – and did I find a video clip of her from 2018?

Let’s dive into this mystery!

So Just Who Was Roberta Pedon?

Roberta became well known in men’s magazines, and crossed over into the drive-in / grind house movie industry in films like “Delinquent Schoolgirl!”

She appears in several films, but never as a leading character, and then her cinematic trail turns cold!

You can see more of her modeling work and all of her film work in the story I originally shared here:

As you can see, Roberta had a fun run of exploitation cinema, and her modeling work for “big bust” magazines was extensive:

I spent a lot of time trying to find out more about her.

That’s when I discovered these rare photos of the Model:

According to a fascinating new article I discovered, at the end of her film run, her life took a dark dark turn.

As one article reported:

Roberta got heavily into drugs and the modeling agency she worked for, American Art Enterprises, fired her. She became a homeless drug addict.

She was jailed in San Francisco in 1975 for drug and prostitution offenses and immediately abandoned by the adult entertainment industry, including AAE, which got her the part in the movie.”

The Mysterious Death – And Reappearance Of Roberta!

Several online bios report that the actress, after a troubled life, died in 1982.

One states that she was involved in a bank robbery, and that she died of liver disease in Oakland, California when she was 28 years old.


Take a look: a similar facial structure and certainly the smile is familiar – is this Roberta Pedon?

I found a website with a fascinating story about Roberta – and the site has an embedded video clip – an interview with a woman who acknowledges her name as Roberta Pedon – the clip is in Italian from 2018, shot on the streets in Italy.

Here is the link to the video clip!

Sadly, the clip is in Italian, and according to the blogger, she doesn’t discuss anything about an acting or modeling career, but does acknowledge the name Roberta Pedon!

This is a wild wild mystery that can only be solved if this woman acknowledges she is, indeed, the famous Big Bust Model and Cult Actress!

Let me know what you think of this mystery – I have found a number of fascinating and troubling stories about some very high profile sex kittens:

Carol Wayne became famous for all of her appearances on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and revealed all in a Playboy pictorial as well:

So how did she end up dead on a Mexico beach?

Click here for the whole story:

Carol Wayne’s death was called an accident, even with all of the suspicious circumstances. And another sad, cautionary tale of Hollywood – and how tough it is to survive in this town.. I shared another “True Hollywood Story” about a fallen sex kitten:

Yvette Vickers was the star of “Attack Of The 50-Foot Woman”, but was found dead, isolated and alone, in her house decades later…see the whole story by clicking here:

For many, success in Hollywood comes with a downside: drugs and alcohol:

Cheryl “Rainbeaux” Smith was in a number of films in the 70’s and 80’s before her life sadly spiraled out of control: you can see her whole story by clicking here:

And some just disappear like Roberta – with no information about where they are – that’s the story of this young sex kitten:

Avril Lund was a stunning Penthouse Model who suddenly disappeared – click here to see her mysterious tale:

Speaking of Penthouse, this Actress graced the cover of that magazine as well:

What’s fascinating about Corinne Russell is her unique role in the 007 film “Octopussy”! Click here to see that story and more provocative photos:

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8 replies

  1. I can certainly see why Roberta was a ‘Big Bust Superstar’. Interesting to think that the woman in Italy might be her.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Roberta was a total busty beauty. Those magnificent breasts and bush kept guys salivating for days and years!! Another great reason to pick up a copy of Gent and Fling magazine back in those days.



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