Cult Film Sex Kitten Gabrielle Drake Was A “Young Playmate” – And An “Au Pair” Girl Too!

Celebrating The Cult Film Career Of Gabrielle Drake!

Sometimes I stumble upon a Cult Movie Queen that I am unfamiliar with – and many times my Facebook cult film friends mention them to me – or they share a cult film poster like this one!

See the first name listed in the credits for “The Young Playmates?” This is where some of my inspiration comes from – a fun, cult poster with a name I’m not familiar with!

I had to know more about Gabrielle Drake – and I’m glad I did – she’s had a great run of acting credits!

Gabrielle Drake was born March 30, 1944 in Lahore, Pakistan.

She grew up in England – After leaving school, she spent some time in Paris as an “Au Pair” girl – hired to look after a family with four children.

As sexy as that above photo is, have you seen what Gabrielle looks like as an Alien?

All it took was one role to make her a sexy new star!

She got into acting in British TV shows in the mid-60’s, including the sci-fi classic “UFO” – here’s how she rocked an outer space outfit:

But it’s her cult film work of the 70’s that we are going to focus on – so let’s get started with one of Hollywood’s most legendary stars!

“Connecting Rooms”

Wait, I know that I said this was about Drake’s cult film work – this one has Bette Davis!

Well, here’s the reason:

According to the IMDB website, the film “explores the relationships shared by the residents of a seedy boarding house in London.”

Including an “art” studio where Drake poses nude all day long!

The Actress bares all in the film – probably the most nudity ever seen in a Bette Davis movie ever!

Gabrielle certainly looks great in the role – and a sex comedy starring two of the most popular Actors of that era was next!

“There’s A Girl In My Soup”!

Also released in 1970, this starred Goldie Hawn and Peter Sellers – and Drake was one of the “girls” who found herself always in bed with various men:

Time to head back to the “Au Pair” business – this time not in her real life but in a film of that name!

“Au Pair Girls” in 1972 was a raucous sex comedy that gave Gabrielle a chance to show herself off – you may have seen this film under this title as well:

Yep, that “Playmates” poster that started my Gabrielle Drake search is also called “Au Pair Girls!”

As the poster promises: “

These sexy au pairs only came to make the beds… but they end up doing everything!”

Check out this wacky, very suggestive trailer:

These sex comedies were filled with lots of nudity, and very mild sexual situations:

“Commuter Husbands”in 1972 was an anthology os stories about the sex lives of English couples – and another chance for Gabrielle to bare all:

For the rest of the decade, Drake moved back into TV work and built a terrific mainstream career!

She reminds me of another very provocative Actress of that era:

Susan George starred in provocative films like “Straw Dogs’ and big drive-in hits like “Dirty Mary Crazy Larry” – see all of her most revealing roles here:

George wasn’t the only “British Sex Kitten” from the 70’s who made a slew of controversial films:

Helen Mirren is an Oscar-winning Actress, but in the 70’s she made a number of very provocative films, and you can see them all by clicking on my story here:

Another provocative 70’s British Cult Movie Queen never aspired for “art” – just some wild wild times!

Fiona Richmond loved the controversy that swirled around her – she even wrote books about her notoriety – she exuded sex and wasn’t afraid to say so!

Click here to see much more of Fiona and her wild career!

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Leave a comment and let me know if you knew of Gabrielle Drake’s great cult film career!

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  1. Would like to add a correction, in UFO, she was not an alien. She was very much human and the commander of SHADO’s moonbase (and all the command staff of the moonbase were all extremely sexy ladies). No real explanation was given for the purple wigs. Although producer Sylvia Anderson once speculated that wigs for female soldiers might one day be akin to helmets for men and as common..

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  2. Gabrielle was very well known here. Along with her sexy roles, she was also a serious actress, later appearing in many mainstream TV dramas and popular soap operas. She is now 77, and still available for work. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


  3. She was also the sister of legendary folk singer songwriter Nick Drake.

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  1. Celebrating Me Me Lai – Or “Me Me Lay!” She Had A Shocking “Cannibal” Career Using Both Names! – JR-Sploitation!

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