Celebrating Me Me Lai – Or “Me Me Lay!” She Had A Shocking “Cannibal” Career Using Both Names!

Celebrating Actress Me Me Lai – AKA “Me Me Lay!”

My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” has been on the look out for Cult Movie Queens who may have fallen off my radar – but I found one with a fascinating career!

It all happened thanks to this cult film poster:

See the third credit on the right:

“Me Me Lay!”

Well, I just had to find out who this was – and I’m glad I did, because this Actress was in THREE of the wildest “cannibal” films ever made!

First, her real name was Me Me Lai, but you can understand why it was spelled the other way in many films!

Me Me Lai was born in Burma in 1952. Her Father was English and her Mother Burmese.

Little is known about her childhood. She moved to England in her teens and began working as an Actress, appearing in bit parts on television and in low-budget British films – here’s a celebrity profile of her that appeared in a magazine around this time:

As you can see, they call her “Me Me Lay”…her credits are a mix of both spellings – but what a career she had – the Actress stayed in the business for more than a decade, and had a few terrific cult film roles – let’s take a look!

“Crucible Of Terror”

She was Me Me Lay in this 1971 shocker…the story of an obsessed sculptor who kills a young woman to make a perfect bronze sculpture of her. Years later at his secluded home a number of people become trapped in a web of revenge, murder and horror!

The iconic Cult Movie Queen Judy Matheson was also in this film – see all of her great work by clicking on my story here:

As for Me Me, the next year she starred alongside the terrific Gabrielle Drake in “The Young Playmates”, where I discovered her name – the film was also released as “Au Pair Girls”:

I just profiled this film because of who is in the film with Me Me, who does get to show herself off with some strategically placed hair:

Her co-star in the film was Gabrielle Drake – who also had a wild cult movie career:

You can see all of Drake’s fascinating career here – including a very naked film with legendary Bette Davis!

Next up for Me Me were three of the most savage “cannibal” movies unleashed on the exploitation movie lover!


The poster promised a lot – and then delivered!

Director Umberto Lenzi made this legendary jungle shocker, released under this title as well:

These were some of the most shocking and controversial films of their times for the savagery depicted on screen.

Here is the trailer:

A Photographer and his girlfriend/Assistant are in the forbidden judges of South America – taking photos and having sex in the Amazon of course!

Naturally, they are captured by a primitive tribe – according to the terrific website IMDB:

“His life is spared and he’s accepted into the village after the chief’s daughter falls for him, but he has to survive the jungle’s harsh life, including the cannibals. He must witness the cannibals kill and eat!”

And of course, Me Me is on the menu!

These very controversial “cannibal” films found their way into drive-in movie theaters and grind house theaters, often under many different titles and cuts.

Five years later, it was time for Me Me to head back to the jungle:

“Jungle Holocaust”

Directed by the legendary Ruggero Deodato, who once said about his movies:

“I make films that people call “horror” because I want to make films about real things that happen in the world, and most real things aren’t very nice.”

This film was released under a number of different titles. Here is the trailer that uses one of the other names, “Carnivorous!”

In this case, in stead of a Photographer, an oil prospector is captured by a violent and primitive cannibal tribe in the Philippines’ rain forest.

Me Me is his female hostage – as the title suggests, there is a lot of violent stuff about to happen to everyone involved!

Here are some of the other posters:

She was credited with both names depending on the poster – and Director Deodato went on to make one of the most notorious films of all time – with a poster that had to be censored in many part os the world:

If you think Me Me had lost her appetite for this type of film, you’d be wrong because she came back with another “cannibal classic”

“Trapped In A Jungle Of Crazy Flesh Eaters!”

This was, without a doubt, one of the most aggressive and shocking periods in exploitation cinema!

Here’s Director Umberto Lenzi introducing his film’s home video release!

A young woman teams up with a mercenary to find her missing sister in the jungles of New Guinea – where they find that a deranged leader of a religious cult has located his commune in an area inhabited by cannibals!

Well, it seems that Me Me’s destined to be eaten once again – but this time, she wasn’t alone!

This time, the Cult Movie Queen Janet Agren had a golden leading role as well – she also had quite the provocative career and you can see it all here:

After this string of “cannibal” shockers, Me Me transitioned to TV work for a few years before leaving the business – luckily for cult film fans, after years away from the spotlight she began to make public appearances at film conventions:

She has recently embraced her acting past, particularly the cannibal films, and appeared at film festivals and conferences around Europe and the US, including Spaghetti Cinema with Director Ruggero Deodato in 2014. 

In 2018, this terrific documentary was released, with this description:

“Documentary on actress Me Me Lai, who’s best known for playing native girls in several controversial Italian cannibal jungle adventure movies.”

Bravo to Me Me Lai for a great career, and willingness to discuss it all!

Here’s another Cult Movie Queen who wasn’t afraid to search for “Cannibal Gods”:

Yes, Ursula Andress, the first ever “Bond girl”, also appeared in this wild action thriller…see all of her great cult work here:

There was a string of wild cannibel films in the 70’s and 80’s – so much so that even Director Jess Franco got involved!

Check out this wild entry from the legendary Director here:

Much less graphic, but still a jungle romp, is this one with Tanya Roberts:

Sadly, this Cult Movie Queen passed away, but she left us with provocative films like these – check them out here:

Finally, remember the shocker “Cannibal Ferox?”

Actress Zora Kerova was being prepped for one of the most shocking moments in cannibal film history – click here to see more of her work!

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  1. I was watching a title on IFC by Lars Von Trier titled The Element of Crime. I recognized Me me, but as expected, those days of Cannibal Queen were gone. This time she was billed as Me Me Lai

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  2. ‘Crucible Of Terror’ is an overlooked British classic.
    Mike Raven was well-known here. Outside of his acting roles, he was a popular radio disc jockey. He had also been a ballet dancer, and had served as an army officer during WW2.
    His real name was Churton Fairman, though he didn’t use that often.
    Best wishes, Pete.



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