Celebrating “Big Bust Superstar” Candy Samples! Her Wildest Roles And “Biggest” Hits!

“When I turned 21, I knew my breasts would turn out to be something special … and they’ve been pretty special ever since!”

And they certainly were!

Celebrating The Life Of Candy Samples!

I love getting requests for my “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” and that was the case here, so let’s dive into a “bygone era” in cult cinema, by celebrating the life and career of one of its “biggest” stars!

Candy was born in 1928 in Kansa City, Missouri.

Samples worked in the import/export industry as she began her modeling career…she is second from the left in this early photo, which was featured in “The Rialto Report”, the best website and podcast celebrating the golden age of pron and the stars of that era…see their story about Candy here – terrific!

With her ample assets very lucrative for that time, Candy found fame as a nude model.

According to her Web site, she admitted not being shy at all:

“I’ve always been a nudist at heart, which is surprising since I’m from the conservative midwest. However, when I was bouncing down the street in Marina Del Rey California and Dick J. approached me to model for him; and when he said it was nude modeling, I thought ‘maybe’.” About two weeks later I called him and my career was launched.” 

Apparently, she picked the first name “Candy” for her adult pseudonym because she had a sweet tooth!

Marian Garvin and Viven Andresen were just two of her “other” names she used. Strangely, none of the online biographies confirmed what her actual “birth name” was…

Candy had more than 60 film credits throughout the 70’s and beyond – she began in softcore movies before graduating to more explicit fare – and worked with some of the great Cult Movie Queens of that time:

One of her earliest, uncredited roles was in “Mrs. Harris’ Cavity” – funny she didn’t take a credit as she played Mrs. Harris!!

Buxom Mrs. Harris gets high on laughing gas and the dental hygienist takes advantage. Mrs. Harris then deep-throats the dentist, while the waiting room sees action too. 

Sandy Dempsey was also uncredited in this one:

Sandy was a cute “girl next door” who acted in a number of high profile cult films of that era – see much more of her here:

Candy ended up in small roles across a number of big hits of that era, including this popular anthology film that had many adult stars in softcore roles:

“Fantasm” featured John Holmes, Rene Bond, Candy and more!

Being a “big bust superstar”, it was only natural that Candy would appear in a few of Director Russ Meyer’s films of that era as well:


Candy was in “Up!”, but the star was the heavenly and buxom Raven de la Croix:

You can see more of her work by clicking on my story here:

Of course, Kitten Natividad was also a Russ Meyer regular – and she was “paired” up with Candy as well in projects like this:

Kitten was another of the “big breast superstars” and you can see all of her greatest hits here:

Samples was also hugely popular on the Burlesque circuit as well, especially as X-rated action was live on stage for the first time:

This photo was also from The Rialto Report – they published an incredible scrapbook of material with Candy – and interviewed her as well!

Find that terrific story here:

She worked with Meyer again in 1979:

What a title! “Beneath The Valley Of The Ultra-Vixens” was one of the last of the Meyer films – his avoidance of hardcore XXX-material made him obsolete as the adult film industry flourished.

Candy was credited as Mary Gavin in the film – by the end of the decade, she got fully involved int he XXX-rated world, and was a popular magazine Model as well:

One online biography calls her 1980 film “John Holmes and the All Star Sex Queens” the hottest film she’d made – and her co-star was the iconic Uschi Digard:

Uschi is, of course, a “big bust” legend:

She is still going strong – and what a career she has had!

See her biggest hits here:

Candy was a popular addition to the VHS home video trend, popular in a wide variety of films and compilations over the years like this one:

Candy had a long and fruitful life, an iconic Adult Movie Queen who was popular online and at appearances throughout her life – she passed away in 2019 at 91 years old.

What a life! As she said herself:

“When I turned 21, I knew my breasts would turn out to be something special … and they’ve been pretty special ever since!”

She was one of the “big bust superstars” in an era that seems so long ago – I have profiled many of them – let’s take a look at a few:

Chesty Morgan was also a hugely popular Stripper and Actress, and you can see her most provocative work here:

Here’s another of the legendary performers of that time:

Virginia Bell was a Burlesque Dancer and “nudie cuties” film star as well – she her “biggest” roles here:

And of course, no discussion of “buxom” stars of the 60’s is complete without looking at Shawn Devereaux:

She modeled, danced and showed up in films “in the raw” – see why here:

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5 replies

  1. I well remember Candy, and her phenomenal ‘assets’! She didn’t need any enhancement surgery. 🙂
    Good to see she lived a long life, and remained popular for a long time.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. One of the best, if not the best, Milf’s to ever appear in adult flicks. Yes Candy, your breasts did become something special to say the least. They had my attention for a long time!

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