Italian Sex Kitten Donatella Damiani! This Voluptuous Actress Had A Provocative Career!

Celebrating The Italian Sex Kitten Donatella Damiani!

My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” is a way to celebrate some of cult cinema’s most provocative Actresses – many of whom aren’t as well known as they should be!

Donatella Damiani was born Donatella Casula in 1955, in Naples Italy.

She became a lifelong resident of Rome – as well as one of the most popular Actresses and Models of the 70’s and beyond!

She was a political science student in college – but with her voluptuous figure, Italian films were calling for her – here are a few of her most provocative!

“How To Seduce Your Teacher”

This 1979 Italian sex comedy was about a new girl in school, Angela, the Headmaster’s niece. Every guy tried to seduce her, even her uncle!

As you can see, Donatella popped on camera, and had a playful yet sensual spirit:

The stunning Gloria Guida starred in the film – more on her later.

Donatella was also in the notorious 1980 film “Caligula” – uncredited as a breastfeeding nurse!

Donatella became world famous thanks to her role in Federico Fellini’s 1980 film “City of Women.”


The films that were next, like “Honey” in 1981 and “Lola’s Secret” in 1984 highlighted her full figure, particularly on the breasts that Fellini liked to call “a pagliaro”, or “a straw!”

She also was in the notorious slice of Euro-Sleaze “Hanna D”

She also left her mark in the magazine world with this gorgeous pictorial in the Italian Playboy:

Donatella left the entertainment industry, but left us with some terrific films and stunning pictorials – bravo to her!

I have highlighted the work of a number of Italian Movie Queens – one of whom was very spicy!

Debora Caprioglio had a very similar look at worked around the same time – see her most provocative roles here!

Debora Caprioglio is certainly one of Italy’s most iconic sex kittens, and continues to work today…

She was one of many Italian Cult Movie Queens I have discovered in the last year or so – it all began when I saw the provocative Italian film “To Be Twenty”:

Gloria Guida gives a powerful performance in this very controversial thriller – one of many great cult films she starred in – like her film with Donatella – click here to see more:

I recently shared this profile of an Italian Actress who was once called “the most beautiful woman in the world”:

Ornella Muti also had a great career, and you can see her most provocative roles by clicking on my story here:

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  1. I have seen Caligula of course, also City of Women. But I had forgotten her. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. This is a brilliant site. I’m a huge fan of Italian actresses from the 70’s/80’s. I recommend you check out the life/films of Gabriella Giorgelli. Super hot/cute and still around at 80.


  3. This is a fantastic site! I love Italian actresses from the 70’s/80’s. I recommend you check out the films of Gabriella Giorgelli. She’s super cute/hot and is still around at 80 years old on facebook.

    Liked by 1 person


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