Set Sail With Elizabeth Ostrander! My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” Has This Red-Headed Model And Mariner!

“I’m a true ginger. Redheads do things that blondes wish they could do!”

With those words, time to “set sail” with Elizabeth Ostrander!

Why? You’ll see!

My friend James Sherry suggested I look into Elizabeth’s career and he is a wise man!

Elizabeth Ostrander was born on December 7, 1988 in Melbourne, Florida. 

With her stunning looks, Elizabeth modeled in Europe for a few years before she moved to San Francisco.

That’s where she learned how to sail, and we got to see her on the open water!

She took stunning photos on her sailboat, or in this case solar panels! But there will be more from her boat as well:

Well, she’s the most gorgeous Captain I’ve ever seen.

First however, let’s look at the photo shoots that made her a star!

She started her modeling career when she modeled and sold her own line of swimsuits on a website. 

That caught the eye of Playboy, who made her a star!

Elizabeth was the Playboy Playmate of the Month for December, 2014.

It was her “natural” beauty that we all loved, and so did she!

Ostrander was proud of her natural figure, and saw the pictorial as a chance to showcase a “vintage” look for the magazine.

As she said:

“I love vintage Playboy. Women in the 60’s and 70’s had the most exquisite natural breasts. In every issue of Playboy you’d see these mind-blowing boobs and, frankly, that’s a little rare these days. That’s why I’m a perfect fit for Playboy.”

She is certainly right about that!

Many of her photo shoots take place on or near water – makes sense as she is an avid Sailor!

She is married, and her husband owns a sailing company. 

That makes perfect sense!

Her acting credits to date have only included Playboy videos, but she has a much bigger goal:

She admitted wanting to stand next to the world’s greatest secret agent!

“My ambition is to be a playful sex bomb for life and to become an actress along the way. My dream role would be a Bond girl!”

I wouldn’t mind seeing that! Until then, you’ll find her on the water – Elizabeth loves to sail around the world on her 41-ft sailboat!

There have been a number Of Playmates who have exhibited unique skills beyond the pages of the magazine:

This Playmate is also a winemaker!

Click for more from her vineyards!

This Playmate was also a Game Show Host!

Ann Pennington went from Playboy to “Card Sharks” and more! see her story here:

For one Playmate, that honor cost her a job on TV News!

This provocative photo shoot cost Shelly Jamison a TV job – see her story here:

I also shared the story of a Playmate turned successful Stunt Woman:

You can see more of Karen Price’s fascinating story as one of Hollywood’s premiere stuntwomen by clicking on my link here:

And what about this Russian beauty?

You can see more of Irina’s provocative career – not only as a Playmate but as a Standup Comic as well!

See her story by clicking here:

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  1. A stunning redhead indeed, John. Thanks for the introduction to another lady I had never heard of.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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