Celebrating Cult Movie Queen Kim Dawson’s “Sexual Intrigue!”

Celebrating Cult Movie Queen Kim Dawson!

First of all, I love getting requests for profiles on some of our favorite cult Actresses across all decades: this one came from a Facebook friend who wanted me to tell the story of Cult Movie Queen Kim Dawson – and I’m glad I did!

Kim has had a terrific career across film and TV, mainstream and cult – let’s dive in!

She was born on December 8, 1963 in Tifton, Georgia as Kimberly Dawn Dawson. 

Kim made her way to Hollywood and had a terrific cult film career with 65+ credits! Here are some of her wildest:

“Not Of This Earth!”

She had her debut with a small role in this 1988 sci-fi film, going by the name Kimberly Dawn…and we all know who starred in this film:

Traci Lords was the star of this film – and it came after the hugely controversial revelation that she starred in XXX-rated films as an teenager!

See more of her controversial career here, and a look at the terrific podcast that expires her past:

Kim quickly graduated into larger and sexier roles in films like these:

“Bikini Med School” in 1994 was followed by “Lap Dancing” and “Ultimate Taboo” in 1995 – here are more!

Kim had a great run of erotic thrillers, with more than enough time for erotic scenes amid the action:

When an Actress appears in so many films, you can find her in a lot of compromising positions!

One of her most revealing films is “Sexual Intrigue” from 2000. A woman’s Ex-Con boyfriend gets hooked up with a job – thanks to her ex-boyfriend and current DA with a rich trophy wife played by Kim.

While he was just supposed to do handy work,, Kim has other ideas – she offers him money to help her and her stepdaughter fake a kidnapping to squeeze more money out of her husband!

As you can see, she puts it all out there in the role!

One constant throughout Dawson’s career is her willingness to be as provocative as the material warrants!

In 1996, Kim starred in “Carnal Fate”, which she also wrote and produced under her own label, Working Actress Productions.

Dawson’s acting career slowed down after a long run of films, but she found another passion:

Kim is now a leading animal rights activist!

Bravo to Kim on a great career! Her career parallel another of the great cult film stars of that era:

Joan Severance had a wild run in the 90’s as well – click here to see some of her greatest roles!

Shannon Tweed was also hugely popular in the 90’s, as pay cable churned out hundreds of erotic thrillers:

Shannon also appeared in Playboy and was married to a KISS band member too! Click here to see her story:

Her career reminds of this Actress, who also starred in some great 90’s erotic thrillers:

Kay Lenz starred in the terrific erotic thriller “Stripped To Kill” and many other cult gems as well..click here to see more:

Victoria Silvstedt was another Model / Actress who had a great run int he 90’s:

I never met her, but here’s the story of how she came to write me a “wet” note on one of her calendars!

Of course, when it came to a cult movie Queen who was involved with a “bad boy”, look no further than here:

Denise Richards made some wild films and married Charlie Sheen too!

Click here to see her whole story:

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  1. Working Actress Productions – great name!

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  2. Another one new to me. You keep finding them, John! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Have really enjoyed discovering this blog. You showcase the sort of movies I love.

    Kim Dawson was really hot in Sexual Intrigue an erotic thriller that worked. Would like to see more of her output. Think her stepdaughter was played by Kira Reed, another bold gorgeous woman.



  1. Actress Shannon Whirry! Celebrating Her Cult Film Career And “Empowered” Nudity! – JR-Sploitation!

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