Celebrating The Career Of Actress Christina von Blanc!

As many of the cult cinema companies recently held big “Black Friday” sales, a number of great cult gems were marked down – even when they had great bonus features – and featured sex kittens like Christina von Blanc!

My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown has the story of this French Actress, who had a short but very sweet career in cult cinema!

Celebrating A French Movie Queen!

I discovered Christina von Blanc in “A Virgin Among the Living Dead” – this 1973 film by Jess Franco was on sale with some great bonus extras, and she is mesmerizing in the film – more on it in a moment!

There is very little biographical information about Christina online, except to note that she acted under the name Christina Betzner as well.

Let’s look at some of her most provocative roles, beginning with this one:

“The Dead Are Alive!”

Christina made her acting debut in this cut gem from 1972 – what a great poster!

It was, however, her next film that showcases all she had to offer:

She appeared in Director Jess Franco’s slice of “Euro-Sleaze called “Jungfrauen-Report” – also released under this title:

Yes, “Virgin Report” was designed to do one thing – knock off the popular “Schoolgirl Report” films from Germany – they feature non-stop nudity and sexual situations while “warning” viewers about the non-stop carnal activity of “those kids today!”

That same year, Christina appeared in another classic “Euro-Sleaze” film:

“Wedding Night Report!”

The members of a wedding party play a sexy game: they each describe the events of their own wedding night!

And speaking of virgins, Christina was one again for Franco the following year:

“A Virgin Among the Living Dead!”

This wild wild wild 1973 erotic shocker is Franco at his best: telling a creepy story with a lead Actress who is nude most of the film!

Following the death of her father, a young girl visits her estranged family at their sinister castle in the countryside, and comes to realize her eccentric and morbid relatives are not quite alive!

You have to buy the film to understand why Christina is praying to a phallic symbol – it is, after all, Jess Franco! And a great remastered blu-ray is the only way to see this one!

The blu-ray from Redemption is packed with multiple cuts of the film and behind-the-scenes interviews as well!

This was also released as “Christina: Princess Of Lust!”

That copy of the film is also included in the blu-ray, plus an alternative version with additional zombie scenes from Jean Rollin!

We all know his provocative work:

As you know, he directed many classic French horror films, including those starring Brigitte Lahaie – see her sexiest work here:

As for Christina, she was also in “Bell from Hell” in 1973 – and a few year later, she appeared this provocative film:

“The Evolution Of Snuff

This 1978 “mockumentary” is about a pornographic film star who commits suicide during the filming of a documentary about the adult film business, leading to the discovery of a snuff film.

After that, Christina faded away and nothing more is known about her!

She reminds me of another European Actress who appeared in many “educational” films that were mostly an excuse to be naked:

Marissa Feldy on the right was in a few of the “Schoolgirl Report” films, and she had a sad end – you can see her whole story here:

Feldy was up for anything, and these films are all on home video if you want to re-live the 70’s through this filter!

I have shared the stories of many Cult Actresses from this period who made a quick splash then disappeared: remember the story of Gina Paluzzi?

She appeared in a few wild cult films then disappeared – click here to see her revealing story:

And what about Doris Arden?

This very “naughty” Actress appeared in a number of films with a number of different screen names, then also disappeared…click here to see her wild wild tale:

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Leave a comment and let me know if you’ve seen any of Christina’s films!

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  1. I hadn’t heard of her, but I do hope that she faded away from choice, and not because something bad happened to her.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Bell from Hell is a very good movie, also with Maribel Martin from The Blood-Splattered Bride and La Residencia

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