Sharon Kelly’s Wild Film Career! Cult Gems And Adult Work As Colleen Brennan Too!

Meet 70’s Cult Actress Sharon Kelly!

I watched a cult film recently and noticed a vibrant, feisty Actress in a lead role – so I had to find out more about Sharon Kelly!

My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” has a look at this Cult Movie Queen who worked mainstream film and XXX-rated fare as well!

Here’s how I found Sharon described on a film website:

“With her fiery scarlet hair, pretty round freckled face, awesomely ample, buxom and shapely figure, and infectiously bubbly good-natured personality, popular 1970s soft-core starlet Sharon Kelly was as endearing as she was alluring, a potent double whammy that, in turn, made the always exuberant Irish redhead absolutely irresistible.”

Let take a look at her career – filled with cult gems and hardcore work!

Kelly made her movie debut in the raunchy comedy “The Dirty Mind of Young Sally” in 1973.

And what a full frontal debut!

As you can see from the film’s poster, they are playing off of the pop culture phenomenon “Deep Throat” from that year, and Sharon is willing to put it all out there!

Next up was 1973’s “hicksploitation” classic “Sassy Sue” – where Sharon played Dolly, who spent the entire movie fighting guys off or, as you can see in this publicity photo, helping them paint butts…

Kelly wasn’t shy in any of these films: she was fully nude in many of them, and was also getting attention in men’s magazines as well:

As gorgeous as Kelly was, she was much more than just a sex kitten: she could act, as she showed in her next film: a well-received parody of Hollywood!

Kelly has the starring role as the appropriately-named “Alice Goodbody”, which was released in 1974. This ribald comedy has a simple plot: movie-nut hamburger waitress Alice Goodbody will do anything to achieve stardom!

It’s a bumpy-road for Alice, however, because of a series of comic mishaps on the set. The film is a ribald romp that Roger Corman called:

“Hilarious! The funniest, truest take on Hollywood — EVER!”

Here’s the pratfall and prop-filled trailer for “Alice Goodbody” AKA “Gosh!”:

Clearly, Sharon was magnetic onscreen, and was more than willing to show herself off.

Here’s another Actress form the film:

Angela Field also went by the name Angela Carnon – and here are some of her wildest films:

Sharon also starred with legendary star Dyanne Thorne in two notorious “Ilsa” features, including “Ilsa, Harem Keeper Of The Oil Sheiks!”

Another of Kelly’s popular roles was “SuperCherry” in Russ Meyer’s outrageous “Supervixens” from 1975.

As you can see, she starred in films of all levels of quality, but always had an endearing screen presence…and as for that co-star of hers:

Uschi Digard was a superstar as well – and you can see all of her “biggest” hits by clicking here:

As for Kelly, she changed her name and began to do much more explicit work:

In the early 80’s Kelly began acting in hardcore X-rated films under the pseudonym Colleen Brennan.

According to information I found online, she quit acting in the late 1980s because of the AIDS scare and went on to create her own home recording studio for phone sex hot lines!

I didn’t know much about Kelly, but found several of these cult movies to be worth the effort, and she had a great personality onscreen.

Bravo to Sharon for a great career in cult films!

She gave a hilariously candid and funny interview to “The Rialto Report” – and it’s great to hear that she is doing well!

As I said, she starred in dozens and dozens of films under both names – including one with an incredible cast:

She was the Police Operator who never stopped working as you can see above – but she wasn’t alone:

Sandy Dempsey was part of an all-star, all-nude case – click here to see why!

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Let me know your favorite Sharon / Colleen roles!

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  1. Nice to see a natural redhead. They are qiuite rare in that industry.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. My most favorite movie that Sharon did was “Sassy Sue”. Sharon always came across as a never ending sex machine who was always wanting more!!

    Liked by 1 person


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