Cult “Housewives Report” Actress Angelika Baumgart Was “Love Starved”! These Wild Films Had Big Stars And Hilarious Newspaper Ads!

Angelika Baumgart Was A “Cheating Housewife” And More!

She was also “love starved” and more – welcome to the wild wild world of “Euro-Sleaze!”

In the early 70’s, European sex films were released in the US under a variety of titles – all having to do with shocking “Reports” on Housewives, Husbands, Teenagers and more!

My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” has the story on one Actress who appeared in many of them!

Angelika Baumgard was featured in some of the wildest of these film, sometimes because of the hilarious titles used to promote them in the US – she also appeared in films under the name Brigitte Mittler – in her career, Angelika only made eight films, but they all were obsessed with sex!

She got her film start in 1970’s provocatively titled “Psychology Of The Orgasm!”

The next year she appeared in two of the Euro-Sleaze “Report” classics:

“Husbands Report!”

This German film was released with a variety of titles, but the story is the same: men who cheat on their wives with women like Angelika!

Her other 1971 film was the flip side of the story!

“Violating The Marriage Bed!”

What an ad! This one was also called “On The Side”, but the story was the same – now it was the Housewives turn to cheat!

Some of you know that I collected newspaper movie ads growing up in Seattle – and guess what I found in one of those scrapbooks?

Yes, the Coliseum theater in downtown Seattle had this film – I was too young to get in to see it – but boy did I want to!

Baumgart stars in the film – which is nothing more than a series of short vignettes purporting to tear the lid off of the issue of unfaithful wives!

This was such a popular genre of film coming out of Europe at the time – considering the strict obscenity laws in much of the US, they hid under the guise of “real reports” on shocking infidelity around the world!

These films were hugely popular in the grind house era, and they also thrived on home video as well – with provocative cover art like this!

What’s interesting to me is that films like these utilized a lot of Actresses – each appearing in a single sexy vignette – in fact, Doris Arden appears in this one:

Arden had quite the run in films like these – you can see all of her credits here:

And look who else is in the film!

Sybil Danning also appears in one of the vignettes – of course, I’ve shared many stories of the Cult Movie Queens who have appeared in these salacious “Reports!”

For Anglika / Brigitte, she appeared in more of these films, including “The Sensuous Housewife” and “The Secret Lives Of Love-Starved Housewives!”

Of course, the Germans had all sorts of “reports” to share, like these wildly successful and inappropriate films:

Marisa Feldy appeared in some of the wildest “Schoolgirl Reports” – always naked of course, since these “cautionary” films were designed to scare parents and excite young men!

See more of her work here:

I also shared the story of another Actress in these films who had a very unique name:

Ulrike Butz appeared in several of them – she had a tragic life however, and you can read more about here by clicking here:

Cult cinema is filled with Actresses who carved out unique paths for themselves – by appearing in films around the world:

Sybil Danning appeared in one of the “Housewives” vignettes – she had an incredible career – she is one of the Cult Movie Icons…she just turned 69 years old – insert your own joke here – you can see some of her greatest work by clicking on my story here:

Many of these “Report” Actresses never achieved Danning’s iconic status, but it wasn’t for lack of trying:

Sonja Jeannine was an “Intimate Teenager” – just one of her wild roles – see them all here:

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  1. It is so amusing now, to read how they tried to make those soft-porn films sound almost ‘official’. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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