The Provocative Career And Tragic Death Of Lorissa McComas…

Celebrating The Great Career Of Cult Movie Queen Lorissa McComas!

My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” has profiled some of the great Actresses of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s…many worked together in a variety of fun cult projects.

This note was sent by a fan to the terrific Facebook site Sleaze Fiend Magazine:

“I just thought of someone you might want to do a story on. Lorissa McComas. The guy who runs SOV video just did an interview with Hugh Gallagher and he was talking about how, when he was putting out Draculina magazine, Lorissa McComis would call him up at 2:00 in the morning and talk for hours. Later she committed suicide and he said he should have picked up that something was wrong but he didn’t…”

First of all, thanks for sending this note – I didn’t know Lorissa’s story – but it’s worth telling, to celebrate all she achieved and overcame…

Lorissa McComas was born on November 26, 1970 in Columbus, Ohio – she had a fascinating life that seemed to have a never-ending series of dramatic twists and turns…

She was fun, energetic and candid – in fact, this is what she said about spending her college break in California living off what she made by winning bikini and wet T-shirt contests!

“I think I won at least 30 of them that summer and retired undefeated!”

She certainly had a unique approach to life…

Busted By The Cops!

According to wikipedia’s short biography of her life, Lorissa ran afoul of the law for a very petty reason when she was twenty years old!

In 1990, the bio says McComas was arrested, along with another stripper, on charges of prostitution by Police in Ohio’s Hamilton County. Allegedly, she had allowed a guest at a bachelor party to tuck a dollar bill into a garter just above her knee; based on local laws, that was considered an act of prostitition!

Lorissa didn’t let that slow her stripping career down – in fact, she built a successful Strip-O-Gram service in Cincinnati, Ohio after college. A according to one online story:

“McComas would start her own stripper company called “Extasy Entertainment”. There weren’t any strip bars in the area and McComas would provide strippers to bachelor parties. McComas bragged to a local newspaper that her company was the biggest in the area. “I advertise the most. And I have the prettiest girls. The ladies doing this are attractive, educated, college girls who come from good homes. A whole different breed of people. During the summer (1994) I was making $5,000 a week. The demand for this is outrageous.”

Talk about an empowered Entrepreneur – naturally, her next move was to conquer Hollywood!

Lorissa wasn’t afraid to show herself off, and she turned her ability to take a stunning photo into a variety of film, TV and video roles!

In her career, Lorissa had more than 50 acting credits, here are some of her most well known:


I have featured this 1995 erotic thriller before, thanks to a gorgeous cast!

Kathleen Kinmont starred in the film – I profiled her great career and you can see her greatest hits here:

Cult Movie Queen Melissa Moore was also in the film, and she also had a provocative career:

You can see her most revealing film roles by clicking here:

That same year, Lorries appeared in the erotic thriller “Lap Dancing” – she also appeared in the 1995 remake of the cult classic “Piranha!”

It appears she made the sexy but fatal mistake of going skinny dipping in a very hungry lake!

She was one of the “Caged Women 2” in 1996 – and also bared all in the film “Testing The Limits”:

Lorissa was on a role, appearing in movies, videos and parodies as well:

She was part of “The Bare Wench Project” in 2000. This parody starred Julie K. Smith along with many others:

Julie had a terrific cult film career and you can see more of it here:

As you can see, Lorissa was part of a group of Cult Movie Queens who showed up everywhere – one reason she had such an extensive credit list!

McComas was a feisty, fun and energetic performer on screen – her co-star in “Bare Wench” Glori-Anne Gilbert was as well:

Glori-Anne appeared in a number of fun parody films, and you can see all of her biggest hits here:

Lorissa’s Tragic Life…

Sadly, Lorissa’s life took a dark turn.

The great website says she left the business to take care of her ill Mom in the early 2000’s…

Shockingly, she died on November 3, 2009 in Waverly, Virginia – the cause has been reported as suicide…

Although she was an energetic on-screen Actress, some reports indicate that she was upset by her long fight with RS dystrophy which left her wheelchair-bound. During this time, she lived with her brother who committed suicide himself two days later… 

There were also internet rumors alleging she was murdered by her ex-husband and that she had a prescription drug problems as well. 

Though Lorissa’s death was ruled a suicide by the Waverly Police Department, online speculation persisted that her ex-husband was involved, but no charges were ever brought against him, so clearly no evidence was found to support that…

It’s a very sad end to such an empowered career…

We’ve had a number of great Cult Movie Queens die too soon…

Julie Strain was an Icon: playful and fun – and she tragically died too soon as well…here is her story:

Julie starred with number of other great “Cult Movie Queens” of the 80’s and 90’s like Antonia Dorian, who was also one of my “2020 Sex Kittens”:

You can see the films they made together by clicking on my story here…

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  1. I wasn’t aware of her work, but it is sad to hear she took her own life. Another casualty of that industry.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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