Celebrating “Galactic Girl” Fiona Richmond! Her Wild Movie Roles, Revealing Books And More!

Meet “Galactic Girl” Fiona Richmond!

I watched a British thriller from the 70’s and came across Fiona Richmond – and I had to know more!

My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” has the story of an empowered woman who used her sexuality to achieve stardom!

Richmond is a former glamour Model and Actress who was a British sex kitten in the ’70s – here are some “eye-opening” career highlights!

She made her film debut – billed as Amber Harrison in the 1971 sex comedy “Not Tonight, Darling”.

She is perhaps best known for her X-rated film “Hardcore”, which was also known as “Fiona”, a fictionalized version of her own life!

To call this film revealing is an understatement!

She was no afraid to put it all out there – with films that had “very cheeky” titles!

“Let’s Get Laid” from 1977 is another British sex comedy starring Fiona, and as you can see from the poster she was clearly having a blast!

Fiona sold her sexuality front and center – but she was an empowered woman who used her body to sell her “brand” and it worked!

She also recorded the spoken word album “Frankly Fiona” in 1973 – and don’t worry, Fiona had no shyness about the cover!

Richmond also published a number of fictional and autobiographical books based on her sex experiences, including “Fiona” and “The Story Of I” in 1978:

Among her bestsellers: “On the Road” was released in 1979, “Galactic Girl” in 1980, and other titles included “Remember Paris”, “Good, the Bad and the Beautiful” and my favorite:

“From Here to Virginity!”

I mean, no wonder these were best sellers! She had two other books titled “In Depth” and “Tell Tale Tits!”

It was, however, her role in “The House On Straw Hills” AKA “Expose” where I got to know her first:

“The House On Straw Hills” is a pretty good thriller, with Uno Kier hamming it up and Fiona showing a lot off.

When it comes to the film, her co-star Linda Hayden admits that it was “one I wish I hadn’t made” — but this online movie reviewer wonders if she didn’t like competing for the screen’s attention with Fiona:

“Her allegations that certain unsavory “things were added” seem unfounded, given the absence of any dubious body doubling, let alone hardcore inserts. More than likely, she objected to a shift in the film’s publicity away from herself and onto Fiona Richmond, whom Hayden describes rather succinctly, if not exactly incorrectly, as “a lady who used her body a lot.” Co-star Kier, she allows, had “a filmable face.”

Note the way Richmond’s name is highlighted on the poster!

Bravo to Richmond for such a revealing career, and for having so much fun in the “anything goes” 70’s!

By the way, Linda Hayden had a great career as well –

From the shocking “Blood On Satan’s Claw” to the only film she regretted making – you can see her credits here:

Another of the most provocative stars of 70’s cult cinema in England was Mary Millington:

She had a controversial career and tragic end – see her whole story here:

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9 replies

  1. UK label has her album on its Bandcamp page: https://trunkrecords.bandcamp.com/album/frankly-fiona (gets NSFW after the song) Points for having a car (given to her by lover, the now-late UK porn king) Paul Raymond) with personalised licence plate saying FU2.


  2. I was wondering when you would get around to Fiona. I bought a book titled Doing Rude Things, and it was revealed, her sexcapades were fiction. I anything, Fiona looked as if she was having fun. I sure was.

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  3. Fiona was a household name here at the time. She was Paul Raymond’s girlfriend for many years, and he pushed her career remorselessly. She was also known for her appearances in ‘sex comedies’ on stage in London theatres. She must be 76 or 77 years old now.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. Fiona was immensely popular in the UK in the Seventies and early Eighties and was known for her intelligence, good nature and great sense of fun. She toured for several years in nude comedies with titles like Come Into My Bed and Space In My Pyjamas.

    Have sometimes wondered if Linda Hayden’s dissatisfaction with Expose was anything to do with Richmond, whose real name was Julia Harrison and was a clergyman’s daughter, being its main selling point. Amused me when a critic had a go at the director of Let’s Get Laid for focusing on scenes of Fiona taking her clothes off. What on earth did he think people wanted to see it for?

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    • I made that reference in my Linda Hayden story – perhaps Fiona’s willingness to show herself off was off-putting to Linda…I do, however, love that Hayden did an interview for the film anyway!


  5. Had forgotten Linda Hayden was also in Let’s Get Laid! which watched again after many years last night. She looks lovely in it, and being made after Expose it seems she wasn’t so concerned about being overshadowed by Fiona after all. And as you say, Richmond looks as if she is having the time of her life throughout and the wardrobe department provided a sumptuous array of furs and costumes for her to step out of!

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  1. Vintage Nude Model Frances Voy! She Was Also “Saucy Sabine!” It Was The Golden Age Of Adult Modeling! – JR-Sploitation!

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