Oh, Janet Lynn! Her Provocative Film With THREE Titles! A Racy Career For This “Dirtiest Girl!”

Meet Cult Actress Janet Lynn!

My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” has profiled Actresses across many decades: some have had lengthy careers while others only appeared in a few films before leaving the business – here’s the story of an Actress who I only discovered thanks to a passion I had as a young kid!

Check Out This Classic “The Toughest Girl I Ever Met” Ad!

I grew up in Seattle, and I used to collect newspaper ads for films – I have a dozen books with ads like this one, for lots of movies I couldn’t get in to, but wished I could!

This is an original 1971 newspaper ad for a film called “The Toughest Girl I Ever Met” – and that girl is Cult Movie Queen Janet Lynn!

My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” celebrates Janet’s career – and what’s fascinating is that it took a while to find out about this film – because it was released with three different titles!

First, let’s look at Janet’s short but sweet career in cult film:

Cool It, Carol!

Janet’s film debut was in a starring role – a very provocative movie that was released in 1970, just as movie obscenity laws were loosening around the world!

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Edwin Sampson/ANL/Shutterstock

“Cool It, Carol!” delivered a lot of nudity for a film released in 1970 – including several full-frontal shots!

Here’s the plot: a naive couple leave their small town for success in London’s adult entertainment culture – and boy, do they ever succeed!

Robin Askwith starred in the film….he went on to star in this wild series of “Confessions” films…

These raunchy sex farces were filled with slapstick comedy and lots and lots of nudity:

If you want to know more about this genre, click on my story here:

As you can see, Janet holds nothing back as she enters the world of adult filmmaking:

Now, imagine my surprise to discover that the film was released with a different title as well – that’s right:

“Cool It Carol” IS “The Toughest Girl I Ever Met!”

That’s right, I was looking for a film with a completely different title – and guess what? In some parts of the US, they took it even further – take a moment to enjoy this even “rougher” title!

Yep, they really went all out with this poster!

This is one of the all-time greatest sexploitation posters ever!

This gem of a film, with three separate titles, was directed by the legendary Pete Walker:

Many of his films are on home video now, including the gritty “Flesh And Blood Show”, with a very revealing opening scene:

Yes, the terrific Luan Peters opens the film by answering her apartment door completely nude!

You can see more of Luan’s very revealing career here:

As for Janet, she had another film the next year with two titles!

“In The Devil’s Garden”

This 1971 shocker was also released as “Assault!”

The great British Actress Suzy Kendall starred in this one:

Suzy had a great career in cult film as well and you can see her greatest hits here:

After having the lead in her first film, Janet isn’t even mentioned on this poster and next had an uncredited role in the 1971 horror gem “Twins Of Evil!”

The Collinson Twins starred in this one – what a short and unique career they had!

See more of them here:

And then, Janet starred in one of cinema’s “lost films!”

In 1972, she began filming “Nobody Ordered Love” along with Ingrid Pitt. According to one online report:

“During the shooting of a First World War film entitled The Somme a tragic series of events unfolds for the cast and crew. The film was withdrawn from distribution shortly after its release and is considered to be lost and may have been destroyed after the director died.”

That’s right, the film was never seen!

Ingrid Pitt was a huge star at the time, so it’s very surprising that nothing exists of this film – you can see all of Ingrid’s biggest hits here:

And as for Janet – that was it for her career!

After a starring role to begin her career, she never acted again after this last “lost” film – she had such a short career, and nothing online gives a hint as to why she left the business!

Another British sex kitten of that era was even more controversial:

Mary Millington had a very controversial career and a tragic life – click here to see her story:

Here’s another great 70’s British Sex Kitten:

Lindy Benson had some great cult gems as well – see them here:

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  1. I’ve seen Cool it Carol, Pete Walker has got to be the most under appreciated filmmaker I can think of!

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  2. I never understood why Robin Askwith got so much acting work. He was so ugly to look at, and an appalling screen actor, devoid of talent. He even had a role much later, in U571. He is still working here, mostly theatre work, pantomime, and as characters in TV soap operas. He is 71 years old.
    Best wishes, Pete.



  1. “Six Degrees” Of Cult Actress Terri Johnson! Her Sexy Roles With Every Cult Actress Of The 70’s! – JR-Sploitation!

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