The Mystery Of Fran Gerard! What Happened To Playboy’s First “Glasses Wearing” Playmate?

The Mystery Of Playboy Playmate Fran Gerard!

Admit it: we all love searching the internet for offbeat stories and pictures – and that’s how I came across a Playmate who was not only groundbreaking, but also has a large collection of social media fans wondering about her life – and death!

My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” look at the mysterious life and death of Playboy’s first-ever “glasses wearing” Playmate!

Yes, that’s what the internet does: fills our lives with arcane bits of trivia like that – but it’s true!

Fran Gerard was born Frances Anna Camuglia on March 28, 1948 in New York City.

There is almost nothing about her online that can be verified, except one story says she got married to a much older man while in high school but divorced him soon after. It’s just one of the mysterious and unverifiable “facts” about Fran that exists online, although the source says her “short-lived” husband was a low-rent Talent Agent in the city.

Fran’s big career highlight was being chosen Playboy’s Playmate of the Month in March 1967. Fran was 18 years old at the time.

Fran’s Groundbreaking Pictorial!

This next bit is true!

Fran was the first Playmate ever to pose with glasses! What’s fascinating to me is to know how she ended up in Playboy at only 18 years old – was that husband a Talent Agent who managed to get her noticed?

There is nothing that sheds any light on it at all – except it has been confirmed that she was, indeed, the first ever Playmate with glasses!

There is no doubt she wears those glasses well!

In the article that accompanied the photo shoot, there are glimpses into her life:

“We Predict A Sparkling Future For Our Heavenly Bodied Miss March”

The magazine predicted great things for Fran: this article says she worked in an Astrologer’s office at the time and was seriously into the meaning of astrological signs…

She goes on to have fun with the concept of “men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses” – and you can certainly see why – although she looked equally stunning without them!

And Now, the Mystery Of Fran Gerard…

18 years old when she posed for Playboy – we all know what a huge impact that can have on someone’s life…

So what happened?

There is absolutely NO additional information on Fran whatsoever – no additional photo shoots, no acting credits of any kind – in fact, no biographical information beyond this point at all – just the photos:

Her Mysterious Death And Social Media Fascination…

17 years later, Fran was dead. To this day, there is only online speculation about what happened to her.

Fran died in 1985, but no other information is verifiable. She was only 37 years old.

I found several stories from fan sites that suggest she committed suicide, but nothing verified – in fact, there is nothing online that confirms her death except that she is listed on Playboy’s page as RIP…

There are a number of blog posts about her; some speculate about the early and short-lived marriage, the sudden appearance in Playboy, and her complete disappearance after…we’ll never know for sure.

She reminded me of another famous Playmate who disappeared after her notoriety:

Candy Loving was the 25th anniversary Playmate – beating out Dorothy Stratten for the honor – but son this story was published about her:

You can find out by clicking on my story here:

Here’s another voluptuous Playmate who simply dropped out of sight:

Justine Greiner’s story is fascinating as well…click here to read more:

The Cover That Sparked A Mystery!

I discovered Justine because this was the issue that featured Carol Wayne. You know her: one of the regulars on “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson!”

Carol Wayne seemed to have it all: TV success and a beautiful pictorial in Playboy…but her story proved to be shocking:

She became famous thanks to Johnny Carson – so how did she end up dead on a beach in Mexico?

Click here to see more of her mysterious life and tragic death:

Sadly, many of Hollywood’s most legendary sex kittens had tragic endings:

Yvette Vickers was the star of “Attack Of The 50-Foot Woman”, but was found dead, isolated and alone, in her house decades later…see the whole story by clicking here:

For many, success in Hollywood comes with a downside: drugs and alcohol:

Cheryl “Rainbeaux” Smith was in a number of films in the 70’s and 80’s before her life sadly spiraled out of control: you can see her whole story by clicking here:

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  1. She was so ‘1960s’ with her hair piled high, and her cheeky expression. I would love to see more models posing like that now.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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