Forgotten Cult Movie Queen Judy Angel! Check Out Her “Southern Comforts” And More Wild Films!

Celebrating A Forgotten Cult Movie Queen Who Was “Finger Lickin’ Good”!

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” is profiling an Actress who is a bit “forgotten to time.”

That’s Judy Angel in the white outfit and gold “go go” boots – and I’m glad I happened upon her while researching another Actress – she deserves some attention for her wild wild wild career!

The 70’s were a decade with a huge number of grind house films and drive-in movie fare that was fun and pure exploitation! And Judy was in all of it!

There isn’t much information about this Cult Movie Queen, except that she was born on October 24, 1940 in Kansas.

By the end of the 60’s, she was appearing in hard and softcore films – let’s take a look!

This was very provocative material for its time – here’s the plot of “Mona, The Virgin Nymph”:

Mona is engaged but wants to remain untouched until she is married. However, since her childhood she has had a fascination for blow jobs, which her fiancée has benefited from.

“Mona” was just one of ten films that Judy appeared in – all in 1970 – many uncredited roles!

They had titles like “From Russia With Lust”, “Titilated Tex” and “Go Down For Double”…in fact, I found a DVD that collected some of her “lost” films:

Here are some of her other wild exploitation efforts, including one that is readily available today:

Southern Comforts”

Look at all of the suggestive language used in that poster – and guess what? This 1971 drive-in film delivered!

As you can see, Judy was front and center to a non-stop parade of nude scenes disguised as this story: A beauty contest is staged in the barn of a dimwit called The Colonel. The beauty contest doesn’t last too long as The Colonel and his buddies get down to business with the contestants.

Oh, and they find time to frolic in a nearby river nude!

It looks like they put on quite a show in that barn!

This was the decade of “hicksploitation”, and stars like Rene Bond stuck some hay in their teeth and bared all:

Rene was one of the few Actresses of that era who worked in drive-in fare as well as hard core movies…see her wild career here:

Speaking of hicksploitation, the legendary Colleen Brennan also appeared in one:

What wild genre this was in the 70’s! If you want to see more, check out my story on the wildest films of this genre here:

As for Angel, she ended up straddling soft and hardcore films like these:

What’s interesting about this film is that Kathy Hilton also starred…yes, Paris’s Mom was a cult film star as well…she was in this film:

It was a small but revealing part – and Victoria Vetri starred in it:

This Actress had a troubled life – click here to see her whole story:

As for Judy, she was credited along with John Holmes AKA Johnny Wadd in this thriller:

Sandy Dempsey was also listed in the film, which is XXX-rated. I shared Sandy’s provocative career as well:

She also appeared in films that went from “R” to all the way!

See them all here:

Judy ended up in hardcore films as well, and after a few more years her credits end and nothing more exists about her…but she had quite the career in the 70’s…there are far too many stories of these cult movie stars who either dropped out of the business or died far too young…

Cheryl ‘Rainbeaux’ Smith also had a great career in the 70’s but died tragically as well – you can read her story here:

And of course, one of the greatest Hollywood mysteries revolves around Carol Wayne, who was famous for her appearances on The Johnny Carson Show in the 70’s:

She posed for provocative Playboy spread – and then died mysteriously in Mexico as well…did she drown accidentally or was it something more?

Click here to read the whole story:

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Have you seen any of Judy’s films? Let me know!

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  1. Some great film titles there, John. And I have actually seen ‘Bee Girls’, which is hilarious!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Judy Angel’s sexyness caught my attention right away in that movie along with her cute smile. Not to mention all beautiful boobs and bushes. SWV is a great source to find these movies!


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