The Mystery Of Terry Gibson! this “Pigkeeper’s Daughter” Had One Wild “Hicksploitation” Credit Then Vanished!

It all began with this photo…it was shared on a great Facebook cult film page, and I was tagged, asking if I knew what happened to Actress Terry Gibson.

As one of the last of my “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” profiles, I took on that challenge!

Stories like this can be difficult to do because of the scarcity of information on so many of the early “drive-in” cult film stars of the 70’s…even the more popular Actresses often list credits and then nothing…it helps that so many cult films are available on home video but even they lack a lot of detail..for example, even finding a photo of Terry is difficult online!

Luckily, there are usually stills from cult films that showcase the Actresses, and here’s one I found of Terry, from her ONLY movie credit:

The Pigkeeper's Daughter Sex movie

She Brought A New Meaning To The Phrase “Driving A Hard Bargain!”

I find these movie posters fascinating – see how lewd they are, with obvious come ons and double entendres – literally anything they could think of to titillate is included – these films played drive-ins and grind house theaters all across the country – again, for an audience of young men and teenage boys willing to part with their allowance for a chance to glimpse a naked girl!

So I found a few pictures of Terry, who appeared in some men’s magazines of the era…

Other than those few magazine shots, she only appeared in one film, this legendary “hicksploitation” drive-in classic!

Here is the trailer for “The Pigkeepers Daughter!”

For awhile in the 70’s, “hicksploitation” films told the story of “Farmer’s Daughters” who loved a role in the hay!

This genre of “sexploitation” has been captured for us to enjoy forever thanks to the great work by SomethingWeird Video, which lovingly restores and releases these movies to a nation eager to “head down south!”

Cult Actress Gina Paluzzi is also in the film and she had a few other wild films before disappearing as well – here is her story:

By the way, Gina co-starred with another one of my favorite Cult Movie Queens in “The Pigkeeper’s Daughter”:

Meet Legendary Sex Kitten Peggy Church!

Here is where the internet can confuse and frustrate – you see, Peggy looks similar to Terry – the above shots of Peggy look very similar to these shots from the film of Terry:

That’s right, Peggy Church and Terry have a similar look and some online photos mix and match them in shots from “The Pigkeeper’s Daughter” – but Peggy also had a great cult film career beyond this one:

Church starred in some great cult films…so why did Peggy vanish as well?

Click my story to see more about her cult cinema career and mysterious disappearance:

“The Pig Keeper’s Daughter” was sold by SWV as a double bill with another “hicksploitation” classic:

Yes, “Sassy Sue” was another of the “farmer’s daughter” type films, and nobody loved this genre more than me, thanks to Cult Movie Queens like Sharon Kelly:

She loved a role in the hay in “Sassy Sue” but she also did XXX-rated work as well…click here for her whole story:

Another Adult Movie Queen who played in the barnyard was the legendary Rene Bond:

Rene Bond had a great run of cult films including hardcore – you. can see all of her most provocative credits here:

Rene Bond appeared in all kinds of films, including a “hicksloitation” film – see closer look at all of these wild genre films here:

Sadly, Terry Gibson only had the one film – and there is nothing listed about what happened to her…but she’s not unique in that way.

Terry lives online in pictures like these, but no biographical information was found. She’s not the only Cult Actress who dropped out of sight.

Let’s not forget Actress Rae Sperling:

This Cult Movie Queen only appeared in two films – then she vanished as well!

Click here to see her short but provocative career!

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11 replies

  1. Using a stage name is probably the best way to avoid being tracked down in later life. Let’s hope she got out of the business into something worthwhile, and is happy today.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. She was also in at least two hardcore loops, one of which, SCHOOL GIRL, you included the box art from. The other was MY TEDDY BEAR, also from the Playmates series.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for this post. I do believe I was thr one who posted said photo which initiated this endeavor. So, Bravo! & thank you bringing a bit more of the spotlight on her. Definitely a shamefully underrated Goddess!

    Mr. K


  4. Inspiration behind this, as having initially posted said photo.


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