Modern Day Adult Star Gianna Michaels! Her “Piranha 3D” Bite Down!

Celebrating Adult Star Gianna Michaels!

All year long, I have been featuring Actresses who work in mainstream, cult and adult films; either in the “golden age of cult cinema” or more recently as well, and that’s the case with Gianna Michaels!

My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” has the story of a young woman who grew up in my hometown, and ended up in the world of adult entertainment in LA!

Gianna Michaels was born on June 6, 1983 in Seattle, Washington. According to one online site, she was born Terah Wicker.

Her first job was at a fast-food restaurant.

She had bigger dreams than that, of course, and soon she was headed to Hollywood!

In 2001, Gianna was dating a guy who was from Southern California – so they moved there!

Easy enough! At first, she got a job as an office receptionist.

There wasn’t much money in that, so she got into nude modeling – you can understand why – and from there moved to the world of adult films.

So how did she end up in porn?

As she said once:

“I was introduced to the industry by a suitcase pimp [an agent that is not licensed] I met walking home from my 9-5 one day. I was intrigued by the money, and how badly I wanted a car [laughs]. Good Lord, he was a loser! But I got my car and introduction to the adult industry.”

She has made over 200 adult films and has also appeared on many of the “gonzo” sex sites as well.

She also sells videos and shoots exclusive content for her own personal website.

Here’s what she said about her fans:

” I love ’em!!!! Nothing but love from the fans. Just a little awkward with the ones with no common sense who come up to me when I’m with younger family members or family in general. Don’t talk to me about porn shit when I’m with younger people. The two definitely don’t mix. Most likely they don’t call me Gianna so I probably won’t reply. Catch me when I’m by myself or with some girlfriends and I’ll def show you some love. That’s rare, though! 99% of my fans are cool as FUCK! Love ’em.”

And here’s a fun fact:

Gianna also had a role in the 2010 film “Piranha 3D” – makes sense!

Naturally, no self-respecting killer fish would miss out on a chance to feast on Gianna:

Oops! There goes her chance to appear in the sequel!

Kelly Brook also appeared in this one, along with a huge cast including mainstream stars like Richard Dreyfuss, Ving Rhames, Elizabeth Shue and Jerry O’Connell:

Of course, we know why Kelly and others were cast – Brook had a great career across film, TV and more – and you can see her highlights here:

As for Gianna, she continues to offer adult content on her social media, and is a great example of women who have built brands and careers in the modern day adult world:

Ashlynn Brooke built a great career and you can see how by clicking on my story here:

Maitland Ward may well be the current reigning queen of adult film:

She went from a mainstream show on ABC to “XXX!”

See how here:

And what about this empowered, modern day Adult Star?

Jessie Andrews built a great career out of her adult work – see how by clicking on my story here:

Let’s not forget this provocative Bollywood star:

She took over the adult world in India and built a great career across all media – see how by checking out my story here:

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Keep reading for more as I unveil my “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown!”

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  1. I have often wondered – what happens to a young girl in her adolescence to bring her to pornography? I found this article very interesting – thank you

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  2. I haven’t seen the film, but I can see why they picked her for 3-D! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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