Adult Actress Cindy West Has A “Sticky Situation!” My Vintage Newspaper Ad and Darby Lloyd Rains Too!

Taking Notes With Cindy West!

Here’s the story of an Adult Movie Queen from the “golden age” of the early 70’s, when XXX-rated films were considered art as well as sex!

Cindy West had a robust career in the 70’s – but I discovered her because of a hobby I had growing up – no, not that!

My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” has looked at some of our great Cult Movie Queens through a unique lens – that of my collection of vintage newspaper ads:

I cut this 1972 ad out of my local Seattle paper and kept it in a scrapbook, along with literally hundreds of other ads for many years…I was far too young to get into the notorious Mid-Town theater – a classic Seattle Grindhouse – at the time, so I saved the ads as the next best thing.

It turns out that Cindy was one of the Actresses who was in a “sticky situation” – but like many of the films of that era, she wasn’t alone!

All these years later, time to look back at what this film was, and who starred in it with her!

The original movie poster was pretty obvious in what you could expect to find in the movie, and it delivered to be sure:

Darby Lloyd Rains co-starred with Cindy in a number of films including this one – what a great adult film career she had – click here to see more of her!

The terrific website “The Rialto Report” had this photo of Cindy – there isn’t much on social media, and if you want to know more about adult film world, The Rialto Report is the website and podcast to turn to!

I also saved this ad once:

Kim Pope starred in this one, what a career she had:

See her most provocative XXX-rated films here:

Cindy appeared in “Inside Georgina Spelvin” – with Georgina of course. Spelvin is enlisted by three young roommates to make a porno filim to help raise rent money and stave off their lecherous landlord.

Cindy West and Darby Lloyd Rains both star in this one as well!

Of course, Georgina Spelvin was a legend in the adult film business:

“The Devil In Miss Jones” is an adult masterpiece – and of course I collected that newspaper ad as well:

Yep, it was playing in Seattle at the same time as “Deep Throat!” You can see more of Georgina’s greatest roles here:

Cindy West ultimately had more than 45 credits, using such colorful onscreen names as these: Cherry Aims | Laura Bentley | Helen Highwater | Lori Lake | Joy Otis |Teri Reardon | Terry Ruggiera | Susan Sands | Terri Scott | Linda Terry | Tania Tittle | Cindy Travers | Tammy Twat

And what about this adult gem?

“Devil’s Due”

Thanks to the terrific website “The Rialto Report”, I found a lot of photos of Cindy in this 1973 XXX-rated satanic thriller.

this was a n era when XXX-rated films tried to be more than just sex, by having actual plots:

Darby Lloyd Rains and Andrea True also starred – I shared the link to Darby’s story, but Andrea had a wild career as well:

She was an Adult Film Star – and the Singer of a #1 Disco hit as well!

See all of her wild tale here:

For many of the Actresses who worked in adult film in the 70’s, post XXX-rated life was tough. One who managed to build a bit of a mainstream career was Marilyn Chambers:

She became a superstar for “Behind The Green Door” and was “Insatiable” as well…see all of her most provocative projects here:

However, some had an empowered career – like the legendary Christy Canyon:

Still stunningly beautiful today – see more of her work here:

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Let me know if you are familiar with the work of Cindy West!

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  1. Your newspaper ad archive is a great legacy to leave behind. I hope your son appreciates your collection. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • Thanks Pete, it goes across all genres of film, plus reviews from Variety, known as the “Hollywood Bible” – and other pop culture things as well…but it’s the movie ad I love going back through – finding some real unique ones to be sure…thanks for reading!

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