Celebrating Terri Welles! This Playmate Had One GREAT Film Credit – Dancing With Gene Hackman!

Celebrating The High Flying Playmate Turned Actress Terri Welles!

All year long, my “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” has featured some great Cult Movie Queens – but I also enjoy looking at the career of empowered women who don’t have a string of crests – just a unique one!

Terri Welles had a great career as a Model, but less so as an Actress – but one credit caught my eye the same way she did!

She was born Terri Knepper on November 21, 1956 in Santa Monica, California.

As with many other Models that I have profiled, Terri used exposure in Playboy magazine to further her career in film:

Welles was working as a stewardess for United Airlines when she graced the cover of the May, 1980 issue of “Playboy.” Terri returned as the Playmate of the Month in December.

Welles was a hugely popular Playmate, and if you want to know more about her, like her “true ons” and “turn offs”, well here you go:

used the magazine’s exposure to get into film:

She made her film debut in “Looker” – but here’s the one that I loved!

Terri starred with Tom Cruise in his blockbuster thriller “The Firm”!

Well, she didn’t actually act with Tom – she danced with Gene Hackman!

Her credit is listed as “Woman dancing with Avery!”

Terri was Playmate Of The Year in 1981 and appeared in a number of Playboy videos:

She also appeared in a 2003 documentary called “Centerfold Babylon!” That was it for her onscreen roles.

Welles married professional hockey player Charlie Simmer in 1981; the couple had a daughter prior to divorcing in 1986. In June, 1997 Welles launched her own website and started an on-line business selling photos of herself from the period that she modeled for “Playboy.”

Terri’s Playboy Battle!

In February, 1998 Playboy Enterprises filed a lawsuit against Terri on the grounds of copyright infringement and trademark dilution. The court ruled in Welles’ favor.

This verdict was likewise upheld by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in February, 2002. Alas, Terri Welles still eventually shut down her website.

This former Playmate also had a legal battle with the magazine – see her story here:

Terri Welles is just one of the Playmates who didn’t use her exposure to get into film and TV…remember Candy?

Candy Loving was Playboy’s 25th Anniversary Playmate – then she dropped out of sight!

See her story here:

And remember Lillian Muller?

She became well known for her appearance in a Van Halen music video!

See more of her and the video here:

And what about this British beauty?

She was England’s first Playmate Of The Year – click here to see why:

Donna Michelle was not only Playmate Of The Year, but a great Actress as well!

See her wild film roles here:

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6 replies

  1. I saw “Looker” on Lifetime (censored obviously, no Susan Dey nudity for you) Terri Welles and wrapped in a curtain and going over a balcony is fine.. (although the shot of the poor lass hitting a car roof WAS snipped).


  2. I watched the film, but don’t remember her. However, what a beautiful young woman she was back then, and probably still is now she is older.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Terri was an absolute beauty. Isn’t it a shame that Playboy would practice corporate greed to file a lawsuit against one of their better PMOY’s. Shame on them! Terri also became even more sexier as she became older, something very few women can do.



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