Lisa De Leeuw! “Broadcast Nude” Shelly Jameson And More! Here Are 2021’s Most Provocative And Popular Cult Movie Queens!

Celebrating A Year Of Cult Movie Queens!

First, thanks to everyone who read this blog in 2021 – I had an amazing response to my “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown”: more than 1.3 MILLION views this year!

Fiery Redhead Lisa de Leeuw was one of the most popular, but there were many this year:

Ewa Sonnet was hugely popular this year, perhaps for some of her most visibl3 assets – but she had a fascinating story as well…equally fascinating was the story of a Model / Actress who died a mysterious death:

More about Susanne Saxon in a moment – but her story resonated with tens of thousands of you this year!

And what about this News Anchor who caused an uproar when she posed for Playboy:

Yes, Shelly Jameson’s story was well read to be sure: in fact, as I share this, she was the most-viewed post of the year, and for good reason!

She was a “Broadcast Nude” to be sure, and I’ll get my headlines from her any day! Tens of thousands of you liked this story – thank you for reading!

You can see much more of Shelley and her hugely popular story by clicking here:

There were Cult Movie Queens from all generations who I profiled this year, like Debi Sue Voorhees, who was the second-most-viewed post of the year and for good reason:

She was an empowered Actress who had a fascinating career as well – click here to see it all:

Next up in popularity for 2021 was this legendary Burlesque dancer:

She was a trailblazer – performing nude onstage when that could get you thrown in jail!

Here’s her revealing story:

The XXX-rated world of cinema was well-represented this year as well – Adult Movie Queens from the golden age of porn to modern day – but this was the most popular of them all in 2021:

The stunning Lisa de Leeuw was one of the greats, and you can click this story to see why:

And one of my most popular profiles told the story of this modern “social media” sex kitten:

Ewa Sonnet built a media empire using her natural assets – see more of her revealing story here:

I also got a ton of reaction to my “mystery” stories -sadly, many of the Cult Movie Queens have disappeared, sometimes under very mysterious circumstances:

The beautiful Susanne Saxon had quite the career, including in the notorious “Caligula” – so why did she die under such mysterious circumstances?

Click here for the story:

One more hugely popular post to share with you again – this time an upbeat, feisty star of the 80’s and beyond:

Elizabeth Kaftan had a lot of great cult films – and fans too!

See more of her terrific career here:

Thanks for reading my blog this year…I will be taking a holiday break, but please leave me a comment if you want to see more of this series.

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  1. Hoping all the best for you and yours on Christmas….be well….be safe…..chuq


  2. It has been a memorable year for ‘Spolitation’, John.
    Have a great Christmas my friend.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  3. Super sexy Shelly Jamison still brightens up my day!!

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