Celebrating Italian Cult Movie Queen Agostina Belli!

Celebrating An Italian Sex Kitten!

Do you know Agostina Belli? Well, neither did I, but as it turns out I saw some of her movies, and now I want to share them with you!

My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” looks at the career of this Cult Movie Queen!

Born in Milan, Belli made her film debut in 1968, and in the 70’s appeared in dozens of cult Italian films like these:

“The Fifth Cord”

Belli starred with Franco Nero in this psychological thriller from 1971 – here is the trailer:

The Actress was in 4 films in 1972 alone, with titles as provocative as she was! Here are some of those films:

She had no problem doing nude scenes, but she also appeared in some terrific cult films as well:

However, I realized where I knew her from when I read her credits and discovered that she was one of the wives that Richard Burton kills in the euro-sleaze thriller “Bluebeard!”

“Bluebeard” tells the story of a famed WW1 fighter pilot who has an unusual beard – and loves to marry women and then kill them!

Joey Heatherton was the only wife who managed to fight back against the evil “Bluebeard”:

Sadly, she had many issues in her personal life – see her fascinating yet troubled career here:

This is the film that includes a small role for Raquel Welch – playing a very sexy Nun:

This movie is a strange cinematic trip – click here to see the trailer and more revealing photos of the cast:

Belli made a lot of films in the 70’s – many only in her come country – how about this sex farce from 1975:

“The Sex Machine!”

Check out this plot: in 2037, the depletion of natural fuels has eliminated electrical power throughout the world. That is, until creative Scientists begin to harness energy from the world’s oldest source of “reciprocating motion.”

As I said, these sex farces were just an excuse to showcase nudity and sexual situations – Belli began reducing her film appearances in the 80’s…while many of these films never made it to the US, some did and are worth checking out!

Belli also appeared on the cover of Italy’s Playboy…a path that many of the Cult Movie Queens of that era took:

Bravo to Agostina Belli, leaving us a collection of cult films to enjoy…

Some of Italy’s biggest stars didn’t have major US hits, but the home video market helped change that:

Debora Caprioglio came to my attention when some of her proactive work with Director Tinto Brass was released on DVD – check her credits here:

And speaking of Tinto Brass – his most notorious film is an X-rated film with lots of Hollywood royalty!

Penthouse Pet and Actress Lori Wagner had a steamy lesbian scene added to the film – click here to see why!

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Leave a comment and let me know if you’ve seen any Agostina Belli films!

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