Ending 2021 With My 250th Profile Of 2021! Playmate Gig Gangel! Her Burt Reynolds Cover! A Website Explainer Too!

Celebrating The Career Of Model Gig Gangel!

For those keeping score, this is the 250th profile in the “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown!” Thanks to you, this series had more than 1.3 MILLION VIEWS this year!

These profiles looked a legendary Cult Movie Queens, modern day empowered female performers across all media, and some of the most fascinating mysteries in this cult cinema world as well, like this one I shared:

You see, for many of these Actress / Models, their post-Hollywood work is sometimes a mystery. I will continue to highlight the careers of these terrific Actresses, even if they have left the entertainment industry completely.

As we wrap the year, I’m ending with a look at the very brief acting career of Gig Gangel – and also discuss this website and how I share stories…

With so many views, I’ve also gotten quite a few new subscribers to the page, and I think all of you who have joined in to celebrate empowered women in cult cinema, both past and present.

Model Gig Gangel was born Geraldine Angel on October 17, 1958 in Harlingen, Texas.

Gangel’s “Gig” With Burt Reynolds!

Gig appeared on the October 1979 issue of Playboy alongside Burt Reynolds, who was only the second man (after Woody Allen) to appear on the cover of the magazine.

As quoted in The Playmate Book, Gangel commented on her photo shoot with Reynolds that, “I didn’t think Burt was my type, until I met him.”

An Important Update Regarding “JR-sploitation.com!”

With so many people coming to the blog, I want to reiterate how it works here.

For every profile, the first FOUR images of each story will have no nudity – after that, I will use examples of pictorials from magazine work or more candid shots from the films being highlighted…if you do NOT want to see nudity, I encourage you to stop reading from this point on in any story I post.

My goal is NOT to offend, but this IS a site that looks at cult cinema through the lens of the Cult Movie Queens who appear in the films.

Please leave me a comment if you have anything to discuss in this regard. I appreciate all of your support and understanding.

Back to Gangel, the Playboy cover with Burt certainly shined a spotlight on her.

She was chosen as Playboy’s Playmate of the Month in January 1980. Gig was 21 when she became a Playmate.

Gig was one of those Playmates who didn’t use her exposure in the magazine to further an acting career. Her solo film role was in 1993″s “Killing Device”,

She was one of many Playboy Playmates I have profiled this year – some of whom were unique in the magazine’s history.

Venice Kong had a unique place in Playboy magazine history.

She was the last ever “stapled” Playmate!

Click here to see why:

She reminds me of these other ground-breaking Playmates:

Renee Tenison was not only the first African-American Playmate Of the Year – she had a twin!

Click here to see their classic photo shoot together:

Speaking of first, remember Marilyn Cole?

She was the first – only only – British Playmate Of The Year! She why she was chosen by clicking on my story here:

And here’s another Playboy “first”:

Yes, Liv Lindeland revealed a “first” for Playboy as well – click here to see what!

And finally, what about this “long-haired” record holder?

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  1. A great way to end a great year of posts, with another playmate I wish had stayed in the public eye.

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  2. Well done with a great year of features, John. I will definitely be around in 2022 to enjoy whatever comes next.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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