“Six Degrees” Of Cult Actress Terri Johnson! Her Sexy Roles With Every Cult Actress Of The 70’s!

See this photo? That’s Cult Movie Queen Sandy Dempsey on the right – I’ve written about her before and will share that link in a moment…but who’s the Actress on the left?

As usual, my “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” asked this question when a Facebook friend posted a classic newspaper ad from a bygone era:

“Bunny Blossom For President!”

Yes, this is a real film from 1970 – and it made me wonder: “who is the star of this forgotten slice of sleazy cinema?”

And here’s your answer!

Celebrating The Cult Film Career Of Terri Johnson!

What a treasure trove of cult cinema!

You see, Terri not only starred in “Bunny Blossom”, she had quite a run in the wild days early exploitation film!

The website IMDB.com has 39 film credits listed for Terri – let’s look at her most well known cult gems!

Guess what? She appeared in “Class Of ’74”, also known as “Gabriella, Gabriella!” This is a vintage newspaper ad I have from Seattle in the early 70’s, when it played drive-in double bills around town!

Gabriella is a young naive girl who finds herself surrounded by strange encounters with hippies, rich people and groupies.

Look who else was in the film:

This will be a trend: Terri appeared with a number of Cult Actresses from that era. Actress Linda York had a good run of 70’s cult cinema as well – you can see her highlights by clicking on my story here:

It turns out that Terri Johnson appeared in some of the most notorious sexploitation films of the early 70’s, like this one:

“Midnight Plowboy”

Look at that poster for this 1971 sexploitaiton film – a time when Producers were pushing the envelope, going as far as obscenity laws would allow before court battles opened the floodgates to XXX-rated cinema.

Terri appeared in “The Hand Of Pleasure” in 1971 – she was uncredited, as she was in most of her early films…

The Cocktail Hostesses”

This is classic sexploitation from 1973: Toni is a secretary who is tired of not making much money, even though she is sleeping with her boss. Her girlfriend convinces her to take a job as a cocktail hostess, where she can make a lot of money in tips, and meet a lot of men!

Candy Samples was in the film, doing what Candy did best – see more of her provocative career here:

Rene Bond appeared in this as well – what a career she had!

She crossed over between X and XXX! See her story here:

Terri also shows up in “Flesh Gordon” in 1974 – clearly, this was an “unauthorized” version of the sci-fi character!

Trust me, Terri is in there somewhere!

Angela Carnon starred alongside Terri in this 1972 slice of sleaze: A young housewife gets involved in the “swinging” scene and discovers that it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Angela had quite a career in cult film as well – see more of her credits here:

“Little Miss Innocence” was another film Terri appeared in that offered up loads of sex and nudity:

That’s Sandy Dempsey in bed next to her – what a career she had – and a very mysterious death as well! See her story here:

“Class Reunion” was another of Johnson’s films. There’s a clear trend here: some of the busiest Actresses at this time worked with each other – because another Cult Movie Queen, Marsha Jordan, was in this one:

She was dubbed the “Queen Of Softcore!” You can see why by clicking here:

As you can see, Terri Johnson had a solid career making low-budget sexploitation films at a time when grind house theaters and drive-ins were seeking provocative R- and X-rated material.

Terri appeared in 39 films in just 5 years, before dropping out of the business in 1974…like many of the Actresses from this era, they simply dropped out of sight…as I’ve shown you, she worked with many other Actresses of that era…I have profiled many, like Janet Lynn:

See more of Janet’s best roles here:

Angelika Baumgart also made some wild films during this era, with provocative titles like “Housewives Report”:

See just how revealing these “investigative” films were by clicking here:

These “Schoolgirl” reports offered lots of “acting” opportunities for young Actresses in the 70’s:

Marisa Feldy appeared in some of the wildest “Schoolgirl Reports” – always naked of course, since these “cautionary” films were designed to scare parents and excite young men!

See more of her work here:

I also shared the story of another Actress in these films who had a very unique name:

Ulrike Butz appeared in several of them – she had a tragic life however, and you can read more about here by clicking here:

Cult cinema is filled with Actresses who carved out unique paths for themselves – by appearing in films around the world:

Sybil Danning appeared in one of the “Housewives” vignettes – she had an incredible career – she is one of the Cult Movie Icons…she just turned 69 years old – insert your own joke here – you can see some of her greatest work by clicking on my story here:

Many of these “Report” Actresses never achieved Danning’s iconic status, but it wasn’t for lack of trying:

Sonja Jeannine was an “Intimate Teenager” – just one of her wild roles – see them all here:

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  1. I saw ‘Flesh Gordon’ at the cinema on release. I thought it was good fun, but I don’t remember Terri. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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