Was Actress Helli Louise Denmark’s “Bustiest Blonde?” Celebrating Her Wild Cult Film Career!

Celebrating The Cult Film Career Of Helli Louise!

The world of cult cinema is filled with wacky sex comedies that gave audiences a chance to see some of the world’s most beautiful women.

You’ll be happy to know that my latest “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” Actress wears “Hot Pants!” – Or Nothing At All!

How is this for a description?

“A once seen, never forgotten Danish starlet, Helli Louise Jacobson first made a name for herself in the Scandinavian sex industry…”

Or, as she described herself:

The “busty Danish blonde who thinks with everything but her brain.”

Let’s Dive Into The Career Of Helli Louise!

With that intro, time to continue my “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” with an Actress who made controversial – and popular – films in the 70’s, when the motto was “everything goes!”

She was born Helli Louise Brunchmann Jacobson in 1949 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

As Helli Louise, this Cult Movie Queen had a great career in the 70’s in a series of British sex comedies, but she got her start in a dark, controversial film that dared to address a taboo topic:

The Controversial “Daddy, Darling!”

A shockingly controversial film for 1970, “Daddy Darling” featured Helli as a teenager who takes revenge on her father after he turns down her sexual advances; and she does it by seducing her stepmother and passing her boyfriend off as her father!

Here is the VERY provocative trailer for its time:

What a controversial first starring role for Helli!

She followed it up with a popular sex comedy:

Dagmar’s Hot Pants, Inc.

This 1971 film tells the story of Dagmar, a Swedish call girl in Copenhagen. Helli played Dagmar’s girlfriend.

Here’s the trailer:

Original Cinema Quad Poster – Movie Film Posters

Louise also appeared in some of the most popular film series in England in the 70’s, like “Confessions of a Pop Performer” in 1975.

These wacky british sex comedies of the 70’s were in the “nudge nudge wink wink” category of good clean naughty fun…although with lots of nudity:

“Carry On Behind”!

Louise also appeared in the comedy “Carry On Behind” – with the hilarious tag line: “a site for sore thighs!”

The “Carry On” films were hugely popular sex comedies with lots of nudity and double entendres throughout:

“The Ups and Downs of a Handyman”

Louise appeared in this British sex comedy, getting parts that showed off her assets AND comic timing:

The great cult Actress Valerie Leon is in this one as well – Leon got her big break in the Hammer horror shocker “Blood From The Mummy’s Tomb”:

You can see more of Leon’s provocative pictures from her films by clicking here:

Along with parts in a number of British sex comedies, Louise had a lucrative modeling career as well:

Louise was featured in a number of men’s magazines at the time, but it was her numerous ex comedy roles that really gave her a chance to show it all off:

In 1976, Louise discussed her work in those sex comedies:

“I seem to have spent about ten years playing the same 18-year-old dumb, busty Danish blonde who thinks with everything but her brain. And I think it’s about time I gave the girl a rest. Maybe when I return to movies I can come back as a different type … a mistress or even a wife!”

Even though Helli was interested in doing a broader range of roles, Louise stopped acting at the end of the 70’s, after an uncredited role in this classic:

She was uncredited as the “Third Men Only Girl” in the film, a shocking thriller about a father who discovered his daughter is in the XXX-rated film world.

Season Hubley is riveting as the Sex Worker who helps George C. Scott find his daughter…see more about this terrific film here:

After one more small role, Helli stopped acting and went into the music business. She died in 2018.

Louise is the latest in my weekly series of 2022 Sex Kittens…a countdown designed to celebrate some of the best Cult Movie Queens of cinema’s past!

Anne Sparrow starred in the notorious slice of euro-sleaze known as “The Sinful Dwarf” – then she disappeared!

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Some popular 70’s sex kittens had a great run of cult cinema before calling it quits:

Marie Liljedahl starred in some very provocative films before calling it quits – see her credits here:

And what about this Marie:

French Actress Marie-Pierre Castel was a “Caged Virgin” and more!

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Sadly, many of the iconic Cult Movie Queens have died too soon. Julie Strain’s death prompted me to post this appreciation of her great career as well – you can see more pics and movie trailers by clicking on my story here:

Another “Sex Kitten Countdown” focused on the “one and done” career of Actress Katell Laennec:

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Leave me a comment with your ideas for my “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown”, and if you’ve seen any of Helli Louise’s films!

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  1. Those British ‘sex comedies’ were terrible films. But we went to watch them for the starlets, especially Valerie Leon!
    ‘Hardcore’ is a powerful film, and Scott is outstanding as the father.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I have seen a few of the “Carry On…” and “Confessions of…” movies a few years back. Don’t recall if i have seen Helli in any of them or not? I’d like to think that i would have remembered her if i did! What a sexy lady!



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