Marissa Miller Plays Ball! This Model And Actress Had An Energetic Career!

Celebrating The Very Athletic Marissa Miller!

I’m mixing up my “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” – going from Cult Movie Queens to new empowered women in entertainment, as well as Models who rarely venture into acting, but make an impact on the printed page!

Let’s take a look at the energetic career of Model / Actress Marissa Miller.

She was born Marisa Lee Bertetta on August 6, 1978 in Santa Cruz California. Her natural athletic ability came early.

In high school, Marisa was a star volleyball player. She was the team’s outside hitter in her junior year, and her team undefeated!

Miller was discovered at a San Fransisco cafe at age sixteen by Italian modeling agents. Her breakthrough happened in 2001 when she met famed photographer Mario Testino and within months appeared on the pages of Vogue, Sports Illustrated and the Victoria’s Secret catalog.

Marissa was one of the most popular Sports Illustrated cover Models of all time – interesting that the magazine looked a LOT like Playboy when they shared these provocative photos:

Miller appeared in seven straight editions of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue from 2002 to 2008. Then, it was time for the real thing:

Marissa ended up making an appearance in Playboy, with a series of “artful” nude shots:

Her sex symbol status was cemented by Maxim magazine in 2008, when they named her #1 on their Hot 100 list – and FHM magazine in 2010 dubbed her “the sexiest woman in the world.”

I can see why.

She showcased her athletic ability with a series of topless photo shoots playing a variety of sports:

Marissa had a brief run acting as well:

She appeared in the HBO series “Entourage” as well as “How I Met Your Mother”, and the 2013 film “R.I.P.D.” – a title that should have led to a better film!

Bravo to Marissa for an athletic career – she reminded me of another Playmate who also loved sports:

Marilyn Lange was a successful Playboy Model who almost became a soccer star!

See her revealing story here:

I also shared the story of this Model who is an avid Sailor as well:

Elizabeth Ostrander hâd a great career and you can see her highlights here:

I also shared the story of a Playmate turned successful Stunt Woman:

You can see more of Karen Price’s fascinating story as one of Hollywood’s premiere stuntwomen by clicking on my link here:

And what about this Russian beauty?

You can see more of Irina’s provocative career – not only as a Playmate but as a Standup Comic as well!

See her story by clicking here:

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3 replies

  1. Marissa Miller: Stunning. I’m pretty sure ‘they’ are real and if so, some of the greatest in many years. Very hard to fake the upturned curve. (not so convinced in the grey toned vid)
    Amazing healthy slim physique, and those LEGS….another one in a million…or even more.
    Many thanks for the introduction \0/

    Liked by 1 person

  2. She is a new name to me, John. I like her old twin-lens reflex camera though! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


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