The Unique Career Of Actress Gilda Texter! From “Nude Motorcycle Rider” To “Runaway”!

Celebrating The “Unique” Career Of Gilda Texter!

She only appeared in a few films, but Gilda Texter has one of the most unique film credits ever!

My “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” has the story of this terrific Cult Actress, both in front of and behind the camera!

Gilda was born in 1946, and while she only had a handful of onscreen credits, she amassed more than 40 other film credits – for her costume and wardrobe work!

As for her onscreen roles, here’s a credit for you:

most famous nude scenes

“Nude Motorcycle Rider!”

What a credit!

That’s right: her two minute scene in one of the early 70’s wildest counter-culture films led to stardom for one VERY naked motorcycle rider, also known as Gilda Texter!

“Vanishing Point!”

What a powerful film! An ex-cop takes a high speed trip from Denver to San Francisco, being chased by cops…along the way we find out what happened in his life that led to this wild ride – check out the trailer:

Gilda Texter Vanishing Point

Hollywood Gets “Naked” On Wheels!

Even though Gilda has a small role in the film, what a role it was!

naked Gilda

Here is the story: Gilda Texter was a young starlet in Hollywood in the early 70’s, when fame called on the back of a Harley! She got a very memorable role: she played a nameless, naked motorcycle rider in the cult classic “Vanishing Point!”

Texter was “discovered” when she rode this motorcycle naked across the desert for a few minutes in the film…a film that became a cult hit in 1971 – a classic cult film that celebrated hippies and outcasts at a time of civil disobedience in the US!

naked motorcycle rider
nudity Vanishing Point

From that one scene, Texter became a star, as “Vanishing Point” became a rallying cry against the establishment – a political anti-war, anti-police film that resonated with a young audience…oh, and it had a naked girl on a motorcycle as well!

70's nudity Gilda Texter

Soon , Gilda Texter became the “IT” girl, a sex symbol getting tons of attention, which led to her acting in a film that had a poster that promised wild wild things on screen!

runaway runaway poster

PLEASE NOTE: If you are shocked or embarrassed by total nudity and sexual activity, you are urged NOT to attend.”

I mean, C’MON…what a poster!

This movie poster is full of the craziest claims – and guess what? It worked!

“The Runaway” was released the same year as “Vanishing Point”, and if to make sure that EVERYONE knew who Gilda Texter was, she had a THIRD film released that year as well!

Angels Hard As They Come

“Angels Hard As They Come!”

Gilda was in another anti-establishment film in 1971, with a movie poster that was as exploitative as you can get!

It was one of a slew of biker films starring “Chopper Chicks” and you can see them all here:

As for Texter, she stopped acting soon after, but stayed in the business: in fact, she ended up with a great career in the costume and wardrobe departments of over 40 movies and television productions!

vanishing_point NudeRider

Texter was Costume Supervisor on “Romancing The Stone”, Brian DePalma’s “Snake Eyes”, and “The Green Mile” with Tom Hanks – among many others!

Yes, she was a Costumer Supervisor even though her breakout role had her completely nude!

This is what makes the movie business so endlessly fascinating. Gilda Texter had a great career in the entertainment business, with a unique entree into it….and if you look at “The Runaway”, you will see that she worked with one of the greatest character Actors of all time:

cult movie darker-than-amber

William Smith was a great character Actor who commanded the screen. He not only co-starred with Gilda Texter, but he also starred in one of the grittiest movies of the early 70’s:


It has the most realistic fight scene captured on film, because it was real!

Read all about the classic “Darker Than Amber” by clicking on my story here:

Remember who else starred in his neglected gem:

Suzy Kendall had a great run of films as well, including the shocker “Torso”, which you can see more of by clicking here:

Kendall was one of the great Cult Movie Queens out of England…here’s another one:

Linda Hayden bared all in the shocker “Blood On Satan’s Claw” – but there was one film she regretted making – click here to find out which one:

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Bravo to Gilda Texter for her career both in front of and behind the camera!

nudity Vanishing Point

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6 replies

  1. “The Runaway” sounds interesting.


  2. I’d love to see an interview with Texter telling how she got that and other roles at the time, why she decided to go nude and experiences while filming. That always fascinates me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s a great point…when I interviewed British Actress Judy Matheson, I asked her that question. She said they all did it, her best friend Halen Mirren and was part of the business at the time and no one gave it a second thought!


      • I’ve seen interviews with vintage actresses who said the same thing but it’s always interesting to see how they felt while doing it the first time. Some had no problem with it and actually had fun with it (Ingrid Pitt) while others were terrified and uncomfortable, but did it for the work (Laura Gemser).

        Sadly nudity is becoming a lost art these days because some factions are pushing against it trying to claim its demeaning to women. Hopefully that attitude changes down the road.

        Thanks and keep up the great work!


  3. I do remember her from Vanishing Point. I really enjoyed that film at the time, and the message is still relevant to some extent today.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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