The Shocking Story Of “KISS” Model Star Stowe! She Was Playboy’s First “Tattooed” Playmate!

The Tragic Story Of A Young Playmate…

I have shared many profiles of empowered women in entertainment. Sadly, some have a difficult time succeeding in the business, and some even meet a tragic end.

Star Stowe was a beautiful Model who had the spotlight for a brief period before her life took a tragic turn. Here’s her story:

She was born Ellen Louise Stowe on March 19, 1956 in Little Rock Arkansas.

When she was a teenager, Ellen moved to Las Vegas and then Los Angeles, where online bios state she began to work as a dancer in strip clubs.

While a dancer, Stowe began calling herself “Star” because of her love of the skies and the blue star she had tattooed below her bikini line.

Star was spotted by Playboy, and she was chosen as the Playmate Of The Month in February 1977.

She was the first Playmate to sport a tattoo!

That said, I couldn’t find a shot that showed it – but based on her photos, you have a good idea of the many places on her body where it wasn’t!

Her “KISS” Cover Girl Stint…

As you can see from the Guitar, Star loved music – and she dated Gene Simmons from KISS for awhile…

Her only acting “credit” came when she appeared with the band on a special edition picture disc they released!

Of course, Simmons ended up with Cult Movie Queen Shannon Tweed, who was a “VHS Superstar” and “Skinamax” pay cable star in the 90’s:

What a career she had!

You can see all of it by clicking on my story here:

As for Star – after her stint in Playboy and Gene Simmons, she got married, had a child and then got divorced. She moved to Florida in 1986 and returned to dancing.

Allegedly, she had drug problems at the time, and ended up working as a prostitute.

In 1991 Stowe moved in with a boyfriend and gave up drugs and prostitution. This lasted until August 1996, when online reports say that, after a drunken argument they split. Stowe went back to her former life on the streets

Star’s Tragic Death…

Star’s alleged return to sex work is what led to her shocking death.

Her body was found strangled and partially clothed, 3 days before her 41st birthday. Since several other prostitutes in the area had been strangled and dumped in a similar manner, Police concluded that she had been the victim of a serial killer who murdered a number of sex workers over a period of years.

It’s a sad end to her life, one that was troubled – a career full of potential that was unfulfilled.

As I said, I’ve highlighted empowered women who use their fame to build lasting careers…sadly, Star wasn’t able to do that, or to overcome her personal demons…here’s another story with a similar outcome:

Lorissa McComas had built a great career in cult film but she had a tragic life as well.

You can see more of her story here:

One of the most well known stories from Hollywood involved the senseless murder of Actress Lana Clarkson:

She was murdered by Record Producer Phil Spector. Here’s a tribute to her great career:

I also shared the story of a Cult Actress who appeared in one of the most notorious films of all time:

Susanne Saxon was in “Caligula” and had a mysterious death as can see that story here:

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  1. The pictures you put up do show her blue star tattoo. It is located under her pubic hair at the top. You can see really clearly in the shot with the guitar if you make it go closer. Love your work and thank you for uncovering some of the ladies that have been forgotten.


  2. I’m old-fashioed, and not a fan of tattoos, especially when they cover a whole leg, back, breasts, or arms. I am also put off by multiple piercings, especially pierced nipples, nasal septums, and huge ear ‘plugs’. That said, I also couldn’t see Star’s tattoo. A very tragic way to die, as a victim of a serial killer who has never been caught.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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