Celebrating The Career Of Angel Tompkins! She Was “The Teacher” Who Gave Extra Credit!

Celebrating Cult Cinema’s Drive-In Goddess Angel Tompkins!

What an appropriate place for a photo: Angel Tompkins at the drive-in. It makes perfect sense, as she starred in some of the best drive-in movies of all time!

My “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” has the story of one of cult cinema’s greatest Actresses: she was mesmerizing onscreen, whether playing a seduction teacher, fighting off alligators or running around with Charles Bronson!

Angel was born in 1942 in Albany, California.

Tompkins has starred in some of the greatest cult films of the 70’s but she was much more than that, she was a great Actress as well!

Angel made her major film debut in 1970 as the seductive blonde who came between a husband and wife in the comedy “I Love My Wife” – and was nominated for a Golden Globe!

Tompkins was featured in the pictorial “Angel” in the February 1972 edition of Playboy; the first of FOUR times she was featured in the magazine!

She appeared in the 1972 film “Prime Cut” with Lee Marvin, Gene Hackman and Sissy Spacek – a terrific, gritty “B” movie with lots of action and nudity in equal measure –

This is a “B” movie gem – you can see more candid photos and the trailer here:

As for Angel, she also appeared with Anthony Quinn in “The Don Is Dead” in 1973, and the next year she was “The Teacher” we all wish we had!

“Her Best Lessons Were Taught After Class!”

How can you go wrong with a trailer that promises that?

This is a classic slice of drive-in exploitation – take a look at this trailer and you’ll understand what I mean:

Tompkins next starred with Bo Svenson in the 1975 action sequel “Walking Tall Part 2”, and then was in “One Man Jury”, “The Bees” and 1980’s terrific “Alligator!”

What a classic grindhouse film! Check out the wonderfully retro trailer:

As you can see, Tompkins showed up in a lot of films, in large roles and small ones as well, and also appeared in TV shows and lots of magazines as well…

Another of her biggest hits was “Murphy’s Law” in 1986, opposite Charles Bronson.

In 1987, Tompkins appeared in the comedy “Amazon Women on the Moon” and with Ann-Margret in the film “A Tiger’s Tale”, but mostly dropped out of acting at that point…her current IMDB page lists 61 credits!

Bravo to Angel for such a great career – she was one of the greatest “drive-in” Actresses of all time, because she made movies meant to be enjoyed that way!

Her career mirrored that of Claudia Jennings, who also appeared in lots of great cult films in the 70’s as well…sadly, her career was cut short by a car accident….you can read all about Claudia by clicking on my story here:

Another great star from that era was the legendary Sybil Danning:

She was an empowered Actress who also showered with Linda Blair – see why here!

A lesser-known Actress also had a great film career in the 70’s as well:

Sandra Peabody was in raucous comedies and the most shocking film of the decade as well!

See her story here:

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  1. I had a major crush on Angel Tompkins when she was in the TV movie probe then the follow-up series, Search, in 1972. Finding her in Playboy later was a huge bonus.

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  2. I have only seen ‘Prime Cut’ from that list, but it was a great film that still holds up today.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Angel Tompkins ran for Governor of California. She could have run against Arnold. She had her name on the ballot as ANGELTOMPKINS. So she would be first on the ballot.

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  4. You left out “The Farmer” which was my first glimpse of the sweet Angel. I don’t remember how good the movie was, but SHE left a huge impression. Sadly, this movie has been impossible to find. I do have “The Teacher” on videotape however…


  5. If Angel had been my teacher back then, i would have never played hooky so often! “Gee Mr. Wilson, you should have seen what my teacher did to me after school” Lucky Jay North! Angel was another of those classic beauties who deserved more recognition and bigger movie parts!

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