Teri Tordai Was In A “Tower Of Screaming Virgins!”

Meet This “Screaming Virgin!”

This is Teri Tordal, and Actress with some terrific cult film credits from the last 60’s and 70’s…including one with a notorious title!

My “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” looks at an Actress who had a great run of cult cinema, before leaving the business for good!

Teri was born in Hungry in 1941.

She had a career as a Model, but I couldn’t find too much else about her.

She launched her career in European cinema, before some of her films were released around the world, making her well known worldwide!

It all began with a classic gothic horror film with a can’t miss title!

Time To Start Screaming!

Time to celebrate this film – with a title that took advantage of a new, more relaxed attitude about nudity in film!!

Let’s Enter The “Tower!”

What a great title for a film! And while it sounds like a wild ride, it’s a film that was originally released with THIS title!

“She Lost Her… You Know What!”

Yep, that’s the translation for this German film – clearly the Americanized title was even more obvious!

Oh, and get ready to see Teri Tordai promoted as “Terry Torday” in many of the films!

The plot is simple: while King Louis X of France is away, Queen Marguerite is reigning in Paris. During this time, the inhabitants of the city are disturbed by mysterious murders near a tower.

Yes, it was a “tower of screaming virgins!”

Check out this classic trailer with some of the most aggressive sexual innuendo and language they could use at the time!

Luckily, there is always time for a bath in a film like this. What I love about this film is that is’s a classic gothic horror film, with lavish costumes and barely-clad maidens:

This was an era of “lobby cards”, provocative photos from the film that were posted outside and in the lobby to get you excited about what was to come:

Tordai went on to make several other euro-sleaze films with German names – but never really achieved international stardom – check out these posters and more:

Yes, her name is spelled Terri Torday in many of the posters as well!

As you can see, most of Teri’s work was in Eastern Europe, but she had another sex kitten in this film with her:

Rosalba Neri had a great run of cult cinema as well and you can see it all by clicking on my story here:

In the late 60’s and early 70’s, classic horror film companies went erotic in order to appeal to a new generation:

Linda Hayden had a great run of medieval 70’s shockers like “Blood On Satan’s Claw” – see her most provocative films here:

It was a great time for fans of gothic horror like this:

“Blood Nymphs” Indeed!

The posters were lurid, the eroticism was amped up to keep pace with changing tastes, and the stars were gorgeous!

“The Vampire Lovers” showcased all of Ingrid Pitt, and she had a great film career, which you can see here:

Hammer Glamour Queen Madeline Smith starred as well:

Smith was a great cult movie Queen who starred in many great films of that era – you can see them all here:

Let’s not forget that gothic horror around the world was popular, just as long as the plots featured lots of nudity to go with the blood:

This is another great title for a pretty good Spanish horror film – see the trailer by clicking here:

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Let me know some of your favorite cult film titles!

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3 replies

  1. Another glamorous starlet I had never heard of. You have a real knack for finding them, John.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dear John,

    I am Hungarian as Tordai Teri (Terry Torday).
    Teri wasn’t never a model, she is an actress from 1962.
    Her first film was Rainy Sunday (1962), it was a big hit in Hungary.
    Her first West production was Ferien mit Piroschka (1965).
    Franz Antel discovered her for the West movies. She played with Sylvia Kristel in Der Liebesschüler (1974, directed by Sigi Rothemund).
    She never liked her „The Sex Goddess” image, she did her West films only for money, but she has got good memories about her West career.
    Her West films were not distributed in Hungary, so Hungarian people believed that she is a porn actress.
    After 1978 she disappeared from West films, but remains active in Hungarian film industry and theater life.
    She played an important role in Oscar-winning Mephisto (1981, directed by Istvan Szabo).
    Teri never married, but she has got a daughter, the actress and director Lili Horvath.

    There is a website about her career and her west films:


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