Celebrating Actress Marie Liljedahl! From “Inga” To Christopher Lee’s S&M Classic!

Do you know Cult Movie Queen Marie Liljedahl?

My “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” wants to correct that oversight – because she starred in some of the most provocative films of the early 70’s!

Celebrating Marie Liljedahl!

If you don’t know this great Swedish Actress, you have missed some of cult cinema’s best movies – including one that Christoper Lee says he never knew he made!

We’ll discuss Marie’s wild role with the legendary Christopher Lee in a moment, but first, let’s get into more of Liljedahl’s great work.

Her career retrospective is the latest in my “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” series, highlighting some of the greatest Cult Movie Queens from a bygone era of film.

Born in Stockholm, Sweden, Liljedahl became a stage actress at the age of ten, and a member of the Royal Swedish Opera ballet at the age of twelve.

She was discovered dancing with a Stockholm ballet company by legendary exploitation film director Joseph W. Sarno.

Meet “Inga!”

At seventeen, Liljedahl began her film career with the lead role in Sarno’s “Inga” (1968), which turned her into an international sex symbol overnight.

Marie starred as the beautiful and naïve young woman becomes a pawn in a game of sexual manipulation and deceit after moving into her aunt’s home. To escape, she must choose between the arms of a sophisticated much-older man and those of her aunt’s younger lover.

Here is the very “artsploitation” trailer:

The internet is rife with gof’s that capture her in various stages of undress – thanks to companies that released these cult gems in newly remastered editions!

Christopher Lee’s S & M Film!

She also starred in a notorious film that has been released on a terrific blu-ray with tons of extras – including the hilarious story of how legendary Horror Icon Christopher Lee ended up in the film!

“Eugenie…The Story of Her Journey into Perversion”

This 1970 Jess Franco film was based on the writing of the Marquis de Sade – and Liljedahl bares all throughout the film:

Liljedahl is mesmerizing in the role, as a group of S&M worshippers lead her down a very rough path…and legendary Actor Christopher Lee is there for most of it – although he claimed to have known nothing about it!

Lee’s “Unknown” Role!

Legendary Actor Christopher Lee denied ever making the S&M elements of this movie, and has a great story about walking through London’s Soho district and seeing an ad for this film, which he didn’t realize was a sex film!

The Actor said later that he had NO idea it was a sex movie, claiming that Director Jess Franco added those scenes after he left…true or not, it makes the film even more enjoyable!

So, did Lee know about all of the sex and nudity in the film? You can read more about this “did he know or didn’t he?” question by clicking on my story about the film here:

Either way, Marie’s reputation as one of cinema’s most popular sex kittens continued to grow:

“Grimm’s Fairy Tales” was Liljedahl’s 1969 film – a VERY adult take on the classic stories:

The film was one of many “adult” themed takes on classic fairy tales – like this one was as well:

If you haven’t seen the X-rated “Alice In Wonderland” you are missing a treat – click here to see more from star Kristine DeBell:

Marie appeared in a number of European “Artsploitation” films, which had adult storylines and X-rated nudity and sexual situation, much like the “Queen Of Artsploitaition” herself:

Christina Lindberg made a number of these popular films, and you can see them all here:

Another legendary story was also updated thanks to Liljedahl and star Helmet Berger:

1970’s “Dorian Gray” updated the classic tale to include the sexual liberation of late 1960s and early 1970s London.

In 1971, Marie appeared in the sequel to “Inga” – called appropriately “The Seduction of Inga”.

Liljedahl was nude thought the film once again – but this turned out to be her last movie!

Liljedahl also appeared in two Playboy magazine pictorials early in her career: she was one of “The Girls of Scandinavia” in June 1968 and “Flicker Flicka” in March 1969.

Marie Liljedahl exploded onto the “artsploitation” film scene – and just as quickly, she disappeared! She grew weary of the film industry and retired from acting at the age of twenty-one!

These films are all fascinating to watch, and the blu-ray of “Eugenie” includes a new video interview with Liljedahl in which she candidly discusses her career – it’s terrific!

There have been many Cult Movie Queens who make a big impact – partly because of the notorious films they are in:

Delores Faith was in one of the most shocking sexploitation films from the 50’s…check out how she became “Damaged Goods” by clicking here:

And I started my “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” with this “X-Rated Girl!”

Laura Antonelli had a great cult career, and you can see all of it by clicking on my story here:

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Leave me a comment with your ideas for my “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown”, and if you’ve seen any of Liljedahl’s movies!

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  1. I still think it’s a great story that Lee apparently had no idea what the rest of the film would be like. Just goes to show how actors arrive, film their scenes, then move on to the next project.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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