Celebrating Italian Actress Danila Trebbi! Her “Kinkiest” Murder In Cult Cinema!

Celebrating A “Unique” Career Moment!

My “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” has some of the most famous Cult Movie Queens of all time, as well as some who didn’t make as big an impact on cinema history, but still have plenty to be proud of!

I saw a great Italian “Giallo” recently, a nd one of the film’s selling points is a very unique murder weapon!

That led me to Actress Danila Trebbi, who was born in Bologna Italy in 1955.

Trebbi only has 14 screen credits, mostly from the late 70’s and early 80’s but it includes a very memorable appearance in this thriller:

“The Sister Of Ursula!”

Danila’s most revealing role without a doubt is this Italian shocker – it was her film debut in 1978 – and she wasn’t even credited for her role as the “killed prostitute!”

Trebbi had a shockingly memorable scene in the film – one in which she bared all as a prostitute who is in the wrong place at a very bad time:

First, let’s set the stage with a look at the film itself:

While searching for their estranged mother, two beautiful sisters, Dagmar and Ursula, arrive at a luxurious seaside hotel. At the same time, a mysterious killer starts murdering promiscuous women in the area.

Note how the trailer ends with this full screen enticement to come and see Trebbi’s memorable yet uncredited scene:

That’s right: the murder weapon used throughout the film has a, shall we say, “unique” shape and size?

Well then…you don’t have to be “Caligula” to understand what they were up to – as the ad itself took great joy in teasing!

The film itself is a nice giallo thriller, starring Barbara Magnoli:

She had a nice run of cult films – and you can see them all here:

By the way, Magnoli expressed her disappointment in the final version of the film. She was disappointed that they changed the film from a more serious psychological thriller to an erotic thriller – with the “dildo weapon”!

As for Trebbi, she made a few more erotic films as well:

“Where Can You Go Without This Little Vice?”

She was in sex romps and farces that were made in Italy then retitled for the US market…

“Erotic Family”

Another Italian sex comedy, this 1980 film gave Trebbi another chance to show herself off:

Ultimately, Trebbi film roles diminished, but she will always be known for the unique killing method of one cult film!

Here’s another Actress who had a very memorable movie scene:

Rita Calderoni made a few great horror films – including one where she was assaulted by a spider!

Click here to see more:

Another great “Giallo” literally has that in its title!

Leonora Fani is terrific in this shocker, which you can see more of by clicking on my story here:

And since we started this by discussing “Ursula”, let’s spend a moment with the real thing:

She was the first “Bond Girl”, and was nude so often her nickname was Ursula “Undress!” See her story here:

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  1. She had a lovely ‘European’ look, and a wonderfully curvy body too!
    Best wishes, Pete.



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