Cult Actress Jacqueline Laurent! Her “Hot & Naked” Movie Past Comes Back To Haunt Her!

Celebrating A “Hot And Naked” Actress – Who Was Punished For Her Art!

My “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” celebrates the Cult Movie Queens of the past and present – highlighting their greatest films and giving them the credit they deserve – but for some, it’s a mark of shame that must be punished!

Jacqueline Laurent was an accomplished Actress with more than 40 screen credits – but a few of them came back to haunt her!

Jacqueline Laurent was born Jacqueline Auger in 1941 in Canada. She later said that she got into cult film to pay for school in Montreal.

This is the story of how the golden age of exploitation film was not only NOT appreciated by some, but those who were a part of this golden age of cinema were punished for it!

Here is the story of an empowered Actress whose past came back to haunt her based on a some of the roles she took as an Actress.

Here’s the story of this “Sinner”:

“Sinner: The Secret Diary Of A Nymphomaniac”

This early 70’s film was certainly provocative, and Laurent gave an energetic, uninhibited performance – not unusual for the time:

“Hot And Naked!”

You can see that these films are titled provocatively to get your attention, and were very popular in grind house theaters as well as drive-ins all across the US.

Jacqueline also appeared in Jess Franco’s European shocker “Lorna The Exorcist” – along with the iconic Lina Romay:

It was just another uninhibited performance for Lina, who had a wild run in cult cinema – see some of her greatest films here:

As for Laurent, she had a long career in all kinds of film and TV projects – across all genres.

She moved beyond cult cinema, but not before this provocative film:

“The Intruders”

This 1975 film also starred Stellan Skarsgard, who went on to work with Meryl Streep!

These films kept the plots simple: blackmail and desire meet for a weekend in the Swedish countryside.

Yes, the film was actually released as well with this title!

“Hungry Young Women” indeed!

You can read more about the film on the back cover of this vintage home video release:

One of Jacqueline’s last exploitation films was also one of the most notorious – that’s right, she made a “Nazisploitation” film!

“Nathalie: Escape From Hell” was late in the cycle for “Nazisploitation”, but it delivered on the genre to be sure!

Check out the trailer:

A Russian doctor finds herself imprisoned in a lavish and elegant bordello for the high-ranking Nazi officers, at the mercy of a fiendish SS officer. Can she locate a missing British agent under her nose, and escape from hell?

Of course, the “Queen Of Nazisploitation” was Dyanne Thorne:

This empowered Actress had a wild career and you can see all of her highlights here:

I mention this “Nazisploitation” film last because of the image I found online when researching this story:

That Jacqueline on the left, a shot of the poster in the middle, and Laurent in a scene from the film.

As you’ve seen, she had a career in exploitation cinema for a few years, followed by decades of other work..what’s the problem?

As she herself told a newspaper later:

“I did it as a young actress to make a little money. The idea of throwing someone out the door for something they did almost 50 years ago is idiotic. It makes me angry.”

But that’s exactly what happened to her!

This Actress Was Fired For Her Film Work!

I had no idea this happened when I first began to research Jacqueline. According to reporting in the Daily Mail in 2014:

Jacqueline Laurent-Auger taught theatre at Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf, a private high school and post-secondary institution in Côte-des-Neiges, until July, when she was informed her contract would not be renewed.

That’s right – her film work cost her a teaching job!

She was immediately dismissed, but was told there was nothing wrong with her method of teaching. Even though the films were produced more than 40 years ago, the private, but former Jesuit school in Montreal said it “doesn’t change their bold and suggestive — even explicit — character,” the college said in a statement, according to the Globe and Mail.

She said the college had an opportunity to minimize the fallout from the discovery of her erotic film work, but instead chose to validate the students’ titillation by firing her.

Besides, she said, she appeared in a great number of other, non-erotic roles as her career grew.

“I did so many wonderful things afterwards. It was a little, little, little part of my career, for Pete’s sake!” she told CBC’s As It Happens.

A story later said that there was massive public support for her and the school was going to re-hire her…and a Facebook friend noted an article from two years later saying she decided not to return and a settlement was reached…bravo to her!

Laurent’s story is sadly not unique – Cult Movie Queens who have a difficult time finding work in their careers:

70’s Actress Rene Bond worked in cult film and XXX-cinema as well – and a few years later, after dropping out of sight, she ended up on a game show!

See her story here:

Another Cult Actress of the 70’s ran into trouble later in life:

Victoria Vetri’s life hit some very dark patches after her cult film career – see her greatest films and troubled personal life here:

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  1. Getting fired for doing something that’s legal is wrong.

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  2. Since I was curious, in the Nathalie screen grab, against the left wall, left to right, it’s Pamela Stanford, Barbara Moose, and Brigitte Lahaie (as a brunette). The other captive is Claudine Beccarie. And the other clothed woman is Patrizia Gozi.


  3. It’s a shame her past came back to haunt her.
    I noticed Stellan Skarsgard’s name on the cast list of one of those films. I never knew he started out in Swedish soft-porn films!
    Best wishes, Pete.


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