Meet “Honeydoll” Virginia Winter! My “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” Has This Surfer Girl’s Wildest Hits!-

Celebrating The Short Cult Film Career Of Virginia Winter!

I come across unique movie posters that intrigue me and lead to “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” profiles – need proof?

Yes, there was something known as “Stereovision 4D” – for awhile at least…but it was this poster that made me want to know more about the star, Debbie Jones – who turned out to be Virginia Winter!

This is the story of a Cult Film Actress who worked in films that were R-rated, and some that were XXX!

These stories are “Unsolved Mysteries” to a degree, as online photos may or may not be completely accurate…

According to the terrific website, Virginia Winter went by several names onscreen, such as Connie Burnett, Debbie Jones, and Susan Strong.

There is very little biographical information about her, so let’s look at the films that resonated!

“The Liberation Of Honeydoll Jones” in 1977 gives her the starring role, and the material I found online suggests she earned it! describes the film this way:

It’s a sex-laced Tobacco Road. A slice of life on the raunch, a rural ribald Romeo and Juliet! Country & sex always go well together!

This VHS box cover art “introduces” her in the role, and clearly the image used promises a “XXX” experience!

Oui magazine was a Playboy competitor in the 70’s, and these appear to be the kind of photos that Virginia posed for around this time:

For the adult film “All The Senator’s Girls” in 1977, she was credited as Connie Burnett – and these two images were all I could find from it:

It was this film, released with an “R” rating, that caught my eye and led me to Virginia to begin with:

She appeared as Debbie Jones in “Surfer Girls” – check out this wild poster, promising “forbidden jungle rituals with beautiful teen age girls!”

Very little exists online – but there was a link to watch the entire film on a website..I didn’t go there.

There is little about the film, which was also released in 3-D as Surfer Girls in 1978 and “Kahuna!” in 1981, and once again as “The Senior Snatch” in 1982. This vintage newspaper ad seems to show it at the top center….

The original poster “introduces” Playmate Sandy Johnson:

I profiled Sandy already – mainly because of her iconic role in the original “Halloween!”

Click here to see her revealing beginning!

She was a beautiful magazine Model to be sure, but after this collection of films, her credits dry up:

Her last film credit was in 1980 for “Teenage Fantasies Part 2” – with Rene bond, but the poster doesn’t look like either of them!

She had a sex scene with co-star Bond it appears – Rene was also a huge adult star who appeared in R-rated films as well – see her wildest credits here:

In addition to the seven film credits, she is listed in several “Swedish Erotica” compilation videos as well:

Virginia’s career isn’t unusual – I’ve profiled a number of 70’s Cult Actresses who have dropped out of sight:

Perhaps the most well known was Bambi Woods, who achieved notoriety for “Debbie Does Dallas”, but did a disappearing act a few years later!

See that iconic role and more of her story here:

I’ve shared the stories of a number of XXX-rated Actresses who have disappeared from public view:

Rikki O’Neal was an energetic performer, but after a year in the adult film business she dropped out of sight!~

See her story here:

And what about adult Actress Taija Rae?

She was a very popular performer before she disappeared from adult film – see her story here:

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Let me know I you have any information to share about Virginia!

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  1. Let’s hope she’s happy where she is.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes…it seems when I research a Cult Movie Queen from the past, if there’s nothing about them, they just left the business and returned to a normal life…it’s when there are stories aobu them that the news is usually not good – thanks for commenting!


  2. I did notice that ‘Das Boot’ was being shown in cinemas at the same time. 🙂
    Now that’s a film worth watching! (In the original German with subtitles though.)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. I tried to look virginia up.. to see what type of life she has after the films she seemed just to disappear.. also tried to look up Debbie Jones.. meant to be her real name..

    Liked by 1 person

    • For many of these cult movie queens, they disappear from the public eye – usually because they don’t want to have their past brought up…but they have fans and I love the ones who go to conventions and interact with them!



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