Celebrating Iconic Actress Hyapatia Lee! The First Native American Adult Movie Queen!

Calling Adult Icon Hyapatia Lee!

I’d love to be on the other end of that call!

I love getting requests for my “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” series, which is what happened when my Facebook friend Chris told me to look into the career of Hyapatia Lee!

I was not aware of Hyapatia, but I’m glad he suggested her, because Lee has a fascinating and groundbreaking career!

She was born Vicki Lynch in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1960 – and has the distinction of being the first Native American to achieve stardom in the adult film world!

She took the name Hyapatia Lee – which is pronounced “high-a-PAY-sha” – by 1977, when she began performing on stage in the Indiana area.

In 1979 she became a “featured dancer” at the Red Garter Lounge.

Hyapatia then entered the Miss Nude Galaxy contest in Roselawn, Indiana – and won!

Her success led to a career in modeling!

Hyapatia’s natural beauty was captured well on camera, and she began to build a name for herself.

When she won the Miss Nude Galaxy contest a second time in 1981, Hyapatia took advantage of that success and entered the adult film industry.

She not only appeared in the film but wrote the script as well!

“Let’s Get Physical” was her 1983 debut, launching a successful career.

She had more than 60 acting credits, as well as credits for Writing, Directing and Producing as well…let’s take a look at some of her most popular:

“Naughty Girls Need Love Too!”

“The Ribald Tales of Canterbury” in 1985 was a lush, half a million dollar production.

As you can see from this scene with Lee, Sex Kitten veteran Colleen Brennan was in it as well!

Colleen got her start as Sharon Kelly in exploitation films before moving into adult films.

See more of her work by clicking here:

Hyapatia developed a reputation for high quality productions.

Here are more of her big hits:

Lee was featured in magazines as well – with many pictorials focusing on her Native American background:

She also became a huge star across a variety of media, with more to come!

In 1993 she was inducted into the XRCO Hall of Fame, and was given the “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the Free Speech Coalition in 1995.

Hyapatia became an Icon, and worked with some of the biggest names in the industry as well.

Shauna Grant was in this one with her:

She ws one of the most beautiful XXX-rated performers of the 80’s, but had a tragic life…see her story here:

Hyapatia used her success to branch out into other forms of entertainment as well.

Hyapatia wrote music, released two albums and performed with her band Double Euphoric.

Here’s more from her wikipedia bio:

In 2005, she was named Blessed Woman for the Lost River Band of the Cherokees in Mitchell, Indiana where she performed traditional ceremonies, taught the people to speak Cherokee and sing traditional songs. She also shared the knowledge she had learned from various medicine men and women.

In 2016 she began sharing this information with the rest of the world with her Native Strength books. In 2017 she began production on the Native Strength documentary series on the ancient wisdom given to Native Americans by the Star People.

Lee’s empowered life reminds me of another Icon of the XXX-rated world:

Christy Canyon had an incredible career and is still going strong in media and social work as well!

See her empowered story by clicking here:

Here’s another Icon who has an amazing career:

Ginger Lynn managed to work in movies that weren’t XXX-rated – you can see all of her best work by clicking on my story here:

Of course, Maitland Ward is perhaps the most famous Adult Actress of today:

If you don’t know, Maitland went from “ABC” to “XXX” and here’s how!

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12 replies

  1. Hyapatia Lee starred in the only porn tape I ever rented from the video place nearest to our home in the ’90s.

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  2. My most popular video is an interview with Hyapatia Lee!

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  3. I actually met Hyapatia Lee in person back in either the late 1980s or early 1990s, not sure which one it was!! Sure was fortunate or lucky to have had that happen!! Someone that I dealt with on Ebay many years ago now told me that she had passed away, but I’ve never been able to confirm or verify that to this very day now!! Can anyone say for sure whether she is still alive now or not? I hope that she’s still very much alive, but then that’s why I’m asking so that hopefully someone can say for sure!! She was a really hot and beautiful knockout and very nice to talk with as well!! I also may still have some photos I took of her hopefully, will have to see if I can find them sometime. Again, does anyone know for sure if she is still alive or not?


  4. I wasn’t aware of any Native American glamour queen and soft-porn actress. But why not? She certainly looked great!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  5. Is she still alive now johnrieber?

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  6. Body Girls is a great feature including another empowered woman, Erica Boyer. Would love to see a feature on her!
    Hyapatia was a gorgeous woman with lots of interesting things to say.

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  7. Hyapatia, Christy Canyon, Ginger Lynn, Savannah, were Vivid contract girls in the late ‘80s, early ‘90s. Hyapatia and her then husband, Bud Lee would come into the Vivid Office all the time when it was on Califa St. in Van Nuys when I worked there (in the mail order dept) from ‘91-‘92. Hyapatia was the nicest, most incredibly intelligent lady. Good actress as well. Vivid’s “house director” Paul Thomas (also a very cool person) would put her in his “better” movies (the ones where he actually had a fairly decent budget and a “real” script) like “The Masseuse” and “Indian Summer.”

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