Roseanne Katon Was A “Muther!” This “Swinging Cheerleader” Is An Empowered Activist As Well!

Time To Celebrate Another Cult Movie Queen!

My “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” is spotlighting some of the great Cult Movie Queens of all era, and it’s time to shine a very bright spotlight on the incredible empowered career of Roseanne Katon!

Here is a Cult Movie Queen who had a great run of Grindhouse cinema hits, and has since become acclaimed in other fields as well – we will celebrate them all!

Roseanne was born in 1952 in New York City.

She fell in love with acting early: she attended the High School of the Performing Arts in New York when she was only 13 years old.

She has 40 screen credits, including mainstream film and TV – but let’s focus on the great cult films she starred in!

Rosanne got her start in a number of iconic TV shows in the 70’s, such as “Good Times” and “Sanford And Son”, along with the cop drama “The Rookies.”

Katon was a fashion model as well, and Rosanne was also Playboy magazine’s September 1978 Playmate of the Month.

Roseanne Was A “Swinging Cheerleader” AND A “Muther!”

Here are two classic cult films where I discovered Roseanne’s acting – and her mesmerizing screen appeal:

1974 – The Swinging Cheerleaders

Katon starred in this Jack Hill-directed exploitation film along with Collenn Camp and Rainbeaux Smith.

Check out the trailer:

That is a perfect example of a “drive-in movie!”

According to Director Hill, the film was shot in only 12 days!

Cheryl Rainbeaux Smith had a slew of great cult film credits, but sadly she got lost in the dark side of fame…you can see her story here:

As for Katon, I originally discovered her thanks to Vinegar Syndrome, which released this film as part of a special pack of cult movies:

The Muthers!

This 1976 film was made in The Philippines, and surprised me a good way – all four of the leads in the film are African-American women!

Here is the trailer:

This “empowered female” action romp is a lot of fun!

Katon’s co-star was Jeannie Bell, who appeared in the October 1969 issue of Playboy – Bell was only the second African-American woman to grace the centerfold (the first was Jennifer Jackson, in March 1965).

You can see her story by clicking on my profile here:

As for Katon, she had more great cult cinema still to come!

1976 – She Devils In Chains

Katon got to kick ass in this exploitation film, and followed it up with one of her biggest hits!

She co-starred with Colleen Camp and Silvia Anderson in the action comedy “Ebony, Ivory & Jade” with the classic tagline:

“3 Foxy Mama’s Turned Loose…”

However, with a “PG” rating, probably not as “loose” as in her previous films!

Katon went on to star in “Motel Hell” (1980), and you may remember her scene in “Bachelor Party” with Tom Hanks in 1984!

Yes, she really livened up the party!

Katon was selected as “Miss Golden Globes” for their 1981 awards show. Katon was the first African American to be selected!

At one point, Katon segued into the world of stand-up comedy, and during that period in her career, she appeared in the June 1991 Playboy pictorial “Funny Girls,” which covered female comedians.

Bravo to Katon for a great career in cult cinema – her “cheerleaders” film follows in the footsteps of other cult gems like this:

This “Wild Weekend” starred Kristine DeBell, who also starred in one of the greatest “cult” films of all time!

Yes, this “adult” take on a children’s story is also a musical! You can see the trailer here:

Here’s the story of another Actress who skirted the lines of X and beyond:

Susan Kiger made a number of cult films, but one made her Playboy’s first X-rated Playmate!

Click here for the story:

There were a few Actresses who managed to cross over all ratings, but they were few and far between:

Rene Bond has hardcore films, including one for the infamous Director Ed Wood Jr., but she also appeared in R-rated drive-in fare as well – click here for her story:

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Let me know how many of Rosanne Katon’s films you’ve seen!

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  1. You showcased Roseanne’s films very well, John. I haven’t seen any of them. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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