Celebrating Cult Movie Queen Lysette Anthony! Her Great Cult Films And #MeToo Voice!

Celebrating The Career Of Lysette Anthony!

I will come across an Actress who I’m not familiar with, but they are so mesmerizing onscreen that I need to find out more about them – and that was the case with British Actress Lysette Anthony!

My “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” has her great career and empowered voice!

Lysette Anthony was born on September 26, 1963 in Fulham, London, England as Lysette Anne Chodzko.

She is the daughter of actor Michael Anthony and actress Bernadette Milnes.
She started acting in her parents’ theatre company when she was ten years old.

At 14 she became the youngest member of the England’s National Youth Theatre.

When she was 16, she was promoted as the “face of the 80’s”….and from hat point on, she has been a star!

Anthony had a successful modeling career before she began acting in the early 80’s, and is still very active today!

Let’s look at some of her most successful films:


As the great website IMDB.com describes this 1983 fantasy action film:

“A Prince and a fellowship of companions set out to rescue his bride from a fortress of alien invaders who have arrived on their home planet.”

Check out the wacky trailer:

Great 80’s fun!

Lysette had a run of huge music video appearances as well – in the Bryan Adams songs “Heaven”, “Summer of ’69” and “Run to You”.

Anthony took a major step forward when she appeared in the 1987 film “Looking For Eileen.”

In addition to appearing in the film fully nude, she also posed nude for Playboy in 1988 as well:

She subsequently appeared in Woody Allen’s “Husbands And Wives” and “The Advocate” in 1993:

She has built her career in TV as well as in films across all genres, from comedy to costume dramas and erotic thrillers as well:

She was in the Mel Brooks spoof “Dracula: Dead And Loving It” and the erotic thriller “Save Me” as well:

As she said in an interview at the time:

“I like the idea of strong women being in control in the nitty gritty of sexual situations.”

Did she ever!

Her looks and acting style were once infamously described by Victor Lewis-Smith, TV critic of the London Evening Standard as “like scoffing a whole packet of icing sugar: very sweet but rather nauseating after a while”.

Seems a bit mean considering the career she was building!

She wasn’t afraid of giving a provocative interview however…she she said once about the business:

“In Hollywood, being a Producer is rather like being a lesbian. Everybody says they’re doing it, when only a select few actually qualify.”

Sadly, she became a victim of one of Hollywood’s worst sexual Predators!

In 2017, Anthony claimed that Movie Producer Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted her…here’s what The Daily Mail reported:

The model-turned-actress told police last week that she had been attacked by the movie mogul in the late 1980s.

The actress described how the attack happened when Weinstein – who knew Ms Anthony socially – went to her London home one morning and she answered the door in her dressing gown.

She said: ‘He pushed me inside and rammed me up against the coat rack in my tiny hall and started fumbling at my gown. He was trying to kiss me and shove inside me. It was disgusting.’

Sadly, Anthony is one of many women who have had to endure predatory behavior in the entertainment industry.

Actress Bobbie Phillips had a shocking encounter with CBS President Les Moonves, which was detailed in this story – read it here:

As for Anthony, she has never stopped working: she currently stars in the long-running UK series “Hollyoaks” and act on the big screen and stage as well.

She one of many empowered Cult Movie Queens who work on all genres of film, TV and more:

Helen Mirren has had a very provocative career, going between mainstream films and edgy cult gems as well – see them all here:

There are many great Cult Movie Queens from the 90’s as well.

Joan Severance had a terrific cult film career in the 90’s and beyond – check out her most provocative work here:

Here’s another Actress / Model of that era – who ended up becoming a winemaker!

Yes, before Lisa Welch was a winemaker, she was a “Nerd”!

Click here for the whole story!

Sybil Danning also turned heads as one of the most empowered female stars of the 70’s and 80’s, continuing right into the VHS era:

She was fearless in many ways – see some of her most provocative films and photo shoots here:

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Let me know what you think of this great Actress!

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  1. Lysette is always a gorgeous lady….that was been yummy for a long time….Be well chuq

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  2. I recognize her from the early 90s DARK SHADOWS remake series. She was the sexy Angelique, the wit h who made Barnabas (Ben Cross) into a vampire.

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  3. “Krull” wasn’t really a box office hit (not to mention in the movie she was dubbed over by Lindsay Crouse hence the amazingly convincing American accent she has in the movie).

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  4. I love the curly hair she had in Krull, and her puppy-dog eyes.

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  5. Lysette is lovely, and an English success story too. As for Victor lewis Smith, he can be very witty, but he is nobody to talk about looks, with his strange hair and pale face.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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