Oscar’s X-Rated Nominees! Here Are The 13 “Dirty Ones” Including Best Picture!

Oscar’s “Lucky 13!”

With the nominations for the 2022 Academy Awards ceremony just announced, time to celebrate this year’s Academy Awards with the strangest Oscar trivia imaginable: the X-rated kind!


This isn’t the kind of image you equate with the Oscars, is it? Well here’s some obscure Academy Award trivia for you – there have been THIRTEEN Oscar nominations for X-Rated movies!

a clockwork orange

Talk About An “Adult” Oscar!

Now, someone will point out that some of these films were subsequently “re-rated” to “R” – but they were X-rated when they were nominated!

The history of the Academy Awards is full of great moments and trivia – and this is one of the most fascinating to me…

x-rated midnight cowboy

Time to look at the biggest awards night of the year in a different way: there was a time when Oscar not only tolerated sex in the movies, they rewarded it with some of the night’s biggest awards!

last tango in paris butter scene

There have been thirteen Academy Award nominations tied to X-rated movies…it happened in an era when the film industry gave filmmakers the freedom to tell stories in a very adult way – let’s look at this fascinating part of Oscar lore…


Here Come The Ratings!

The ratings system for films was created in the late 60’s to help audiences cope with the onslaught of adult content in film…the sexual revolution was underway, and films like “Bonnie & Clyde” offered up much more provocative content.

bonnie & clyde

What The Hell’s An “M”?

When the Motion Picture Association of America created the ratings system in 1968, there were the following designations: G, M, R, and X.

It was in the late 60’s into the early 70’s that film makers began to use the ratings to push the envelope for graphic content, such as in the classic film “Straw Dogs” with Dustin Hoffman…

most controvesial films

Susan George’s graphic rape originally landed “Straw Dogs” an X-rating, and in 1969, one film showed far too much to America!

midnight cowboy sex scene

Oscar’s Only X-Rated Winner!

One film would soon be the first to ever win Best Picture – with an “X” rating! And it is a masterpiece that has stood the test of time!

Time to head back to a much different New York City – to meet Joe Buck and Ratso Rizzo!

“I’m walking here! I’m walking here!”

x-rated midnight cowboy

Midnight Cowboy

The setup to this great film is simple: young, naive Joe Buck heads to New York City to be a male hustler…check out the trailer:

Jon Voight Midnight Cowboy

Jon Voight stars as Texas greenhorn Joe Buck – a “stud” who arrives in New York for the first time. Preening himself as a real ‘hustler’, he finds that he is the one getting ‘hustled’ until he teams up with a down-and-outcast named Ratso Rizzo.

Midnight Cowboy

And that’s the plot: a country “hick” learns how to survive in the big city, thanks to “Ratso”, an amazing performance by Dustin Hoffman, including the legendary line:

“I’m walking here! I’m walking here!”

midnight cowboy

Dustin Hoffman’s performance as “Ratso” Rizzo is ranked #7 on Premiere Magazine’s 100 Greatest Performances of All Time. It was also an Oscar-nominated performance, along with Voight’s iconic Joe Buck:

x-rated best picture midnight cowboy

“Midnight Cowboy” took home three Academy Awards in 1969, including:

Best Screenplay Waldo Salt
Best Director John Schlesinger
Best Picture Of The Year!

“Midnight Cowboy” is the only X-rated film to ever win Best Picture, but it’s NOT the only one ever nominated! Here’s the other:


Check Out These Provocative Opening Lines!

“There was me, that is Alex, and my three droogs, that is Pete, Georgie, and Dim, and we sat in the Korova Milkbar trying to make up our rassoodocks what to do with the evening. The Korova milkbar sold milk-plus, milk plus vellocet or synthemesc or drencrom, which is what we were drinking. This would sharpen you up and make you ready for a bit of the old ultra-violence.”

a clockwork orange x-rated movie

A Clockwork Orange

2 years after “Midnight Cowboy” won Best Picture, Stanley Kubrick’s nightmarish vision of the future shocked audiences and captured four Academy Award nominations.

Malcolm McDowell A Clockwork Orange

“A Clockwork Orange” was based on the futuristic novel by Anthony Burgess. In future Britain, charismatic delinquent Alex DeLarge terrorizes respectable society, along with this three “Droogs”…

best picture A Clockwork Orange

4 X-Rated Nominations- Like “Clockwork!”

“A Clockwork Orange” was nominated for Best Picture (losing to the equally brilliant “The French Connection”) – and Stanley Kubrick was nominated for Best Director and Best Screenplay – the fourth nomination was for Best Film Editing.

Actress Virginia Wetherall has a very memorable scene in the film – you can see more of it and her entire career by clicking on my story here:

Both “Midnight Cowboy” and “A Clockwork Orange” are brilliant movies that have stood the test of time. As ratings guidelines have loosened, both are now rated “R” and are the same film! The last nomination for an X-rated movie came, not for Best Picture, but for the directing and acting in the equally provocative “Last Tango In Paris”.

“Go, get the butter.”

It is one of film history’s most legendary lines – spoken by one of its most controversial Actors – check out this moody, atmospheric trailer:

last tango in paris

Brilliant Brando!

In the 1970’s, Marlon Brando made some brilliant movies – before he went off the rails in the 80’s…let’s look at his performance in this controversial, erotic drama…

Last Tango In Paris

While looking for an apartment, Jeanne, a beautiful young Parisienne, encounters Paul, a mysterious American expatriate mourning his wife’s recent suicide. Instantly drawn to each other, they have a stormy, passionate affair, in which they do not reveal their names to each other.

erotic Last Tango In Paris

“Beauty of mine, sit before me. Let me peruse you and remember you… always like this.”

Those words are spoken by Brando to the beautiful young woman he pursues. Maria Schneider stars with Brando, and she is captivating as the young woman lost in this anonymous love affair…

Bernardo Bertolucci was nominated for Best Director (he eventually won the Award for “The Last Emperor” in 1987, which also won for Best Picture), and Marlon Brando was nominated for Best Actor.


Back To The Butter!

As I said, “Last Tango IN Paris” was the last X-rated film to receive Academy Award recognition…and the film has always been remembered for the moment when Marlon Brando uses butter in the film’s most notorious scene – as a lubricant in order to have anal sex with Schneider.

last-tango-in-paris sex scenes

According to Maria Schneider, the famous “butter scene” was never in the script and improvised at the last minute by Marlon Brando and Bernardo Bertolucci without consulting her. It is one of film’s most notorious moments.

last tango in paris butter sex scene

Though the sodomy act was faked, her real tears in the film testify to her surprise and her state of shock. Much later in her life, a very troubled Schneider would make many charges about how she felt violated in the filming of the scene…sadly, she lived a troubled life, and had many negative things to say about the experience of making the movie.


“Last Tango In Paris” was a moody, polarizing film that shocked audiences when it came out, and is a true European art masterpiece.

So here are ALL of the 13 X-rated Oscar nominations:

1969 – Midnight Cowboy – 7 nominations
Best Picture – won
Best Director – won
Best Screenplay Waldo Salt – won
Best Actor Dustin Hoffman – nominated
Best Actor Jon Voight – nominated
Best Supporting Actress Sylvia Miles – nominated
Best Film Editing – nominated

1971 – A Clockwork Orange – 4 nominations
Best Picture – nomination
Best Director – nomination
Best Screenplay – nomination
Best Film Editing – nomination

1972 – Last Tango In Paris – 2 nominations
Best Actor Marlon Brando – nomination
Best Director Bernardo Bertolucci – nomination

last tango in paris

So Whatever Happened To The Good Old “X”?

Now, back to the “X” rating. When the designation was assigned, the MPAA didn’t copyright it. With no registered trademark, the “X” could legally be self-applied to any film — a loophole pornography happily exploited. For example, the notorious 1972 film “Deep Throat” gave itself a tongue-in-cheek “X,” and many other adult films followed suit.


Linda Lovelace became an XXX-rated Superstar, but she had a troubled life…see here story here:

Movies Go “XXX”!

Soon after “Deep Throat” took ownership of the “X” rating, films like “Debbie Does Dallas” boasted a self-designated rating of “XXX”, promising three times the adult material! Look at the rating box with the extra “X’s” added!


Bambi Woods starred in the notorious “Debbie Does Dallas” – see the story of her wild career by clicking here:

While the arbitrary “XXX” rating has since become standard for the adult film industry, the damage was done to the singular “X”. An “X” rating became synonymous with “hardcore,” and mainstream advertisers and distributors stopped showing them in mainstream theaters.

Marilyn Chambers was the “Ivory Snow” girl – click here to see her greatest adult films:

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Let me know your thoughts on Oscar’s X-rated past!

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8 replies

  1. A Clockwork Orange was edited down to an “R” rating. According to a film buff friend of mine. The scene where Alex picks up the two teens in the milk bar, and has sex with them in his home was originally shown in regular time. The difference in the R-rated version was the scene was sped up 10x or more.
    Also, when the Droogs do a home invasion, Alex has Adrienne Corry hanging by her arms looking down on Alex as he rapes her. The R-rated version has the camera panning up to Adrienne’s face as she looks down in horror as Alex penetrates her. The X-rated scene? Alex is using his face mask with a phallic symbol for a nose and is penetrating her with the face mask.
    As for Midnight Cowboy, what a difference a decade or two make. Now the movie is PG-13.

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    • “A Clockwork Orange” was indeed edited down later, but was nominated while still holding an “X” rating. As for “Cowboy”, it is indeed a very tame movie, but the depiction of gay sex at the time was considered shocking! Thanks for the comment!


  2. Also, Last Tango was boring.

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  3. I have to say Deep Throat was a fine piece of cinema! 🙂

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  4. For once, I have seen every film mentioned, all on release at a cinema. I think A Clockwork Orange was the hardest watch, and I have never seen it again since.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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