The Mystery Of Avril Lund UPDATED! What Happened To This Penthouse Pet? A Car Show Reveal!

Celebrating The Career Of Avril Lund!

I first saw this pic of Avril Lund thanks to my Facebook friend James Sherry, and I decided to check out her story…or in this case – NO STORY!

The Mystery Of Avril Lund!

My “2022 Sex kitten Countdown” highlights the careers of some of my favorite Cult Movie Queens, with features on some of the most popular Models as well…in this case, it’s a fascinating story: the 5’7″ brunette Avril Lund was born in April 1950 in Dublin, Ireland.

Did Avril Set Sail On “The Love Boat?”

I discovered this photo of her and wondered: did she ever appear in this iconic TV show?

Nothing online suggest she did, but thanks to a friend of the blog who asked me a followup question to Avril, I did uncover one new aspect of her career!

Let’s look at the life, career and mysterious disappearance of this stunning beauty!

Bob Guccione Photographs Avril Lund!

This photo of Penthouse Publisher Bob Guccione is a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at his beauty…but Avril had a fascinating early career before Penthouse: she worked as a Sunday School Teacher as well as a Nurse at St. Francis Psychiatric Hospital in West Sussex, England!

Once her natural beauty and voluptuous figure caught the eye of Guccione, her huge success was assured:

Lund was not only the Pet of the Month in the March, 1973 issue of Penthouse magazine – she was also chosen as the Pet of the Year in 1974 – for good reason!

That led to her ONLY film or video credit, which came in 1994:

Penthouse: 25th Anniversary Pet of the Year Spectacular!

When Penthouse celebrated their 25th anniversary, Lund took part – but what happened to her in the 20+ years in between?

I couldn’t find any information when I did my first story on Avril, which is a shame because she was very high profile at the time…

So what happened? As I’ve said, I couldn’t find ANY information online about her life between 1974 and 1994, when she showed up in that video, and then nothing afterwards either…and she was ravishingly beautiful:

And A “Car Model!”

Thanks to the tip on my blog, I found this ad for the 1975 New York Auto Show, where she appeared!

She is actually promoted directly across from Mr. Spock himself, Leonard Nimoy!

Is this her? Probably not, but did she pose in front of cars like this? When Jim sent me a note, he said he thought she appeared with Jeep / AMC cars, but I can’t find something like that: still that was 1975, a year after online bios seemed to lose track of her.

Pictures like this capture Models at the show with no identifying material…but we do know she was there!

Thanks Jim for allowing us to know a little more about Avril’s career…

In the era of social media, most of the Sex Kittens of the 70’s and 80’s have some sort of fan page, or make appearances at the many conventions that exist to give fans a chance to hear and see them…IF they want to remain in the public eye – since I haven’t found anything for Avril, I am assuming she has decided not to stay in the public eye…

An Avril Lund Update!

Interestingly, recently I found this picture, which was posted almost 5 years ago:

A Facebook page called “The Selvedge Yard” published this writeup about the photo, and Avril:

1973: unpublished photo of Avril Lund by Bob Guccione for Penthouse mag. “Avril Lund was Penthouse magazine’s 1974 Pet of the Year. If Penthouse has been good to Avril, then Avril – with her indomitable 40-24-36.5 configuration – has been good to Penthouse. Her March 1973 layout brought in the highest percentage sale of any issue that year, and her subsequent personal appearance tour attracted record crowds everywhere. Perhaps more than any other Pet of the Year before her, Avril’s background as a former Sunday school teacher, psychiatric nurse, and itinerant folksinger has made it possible for her to communicate with people on a variety of different levels.”

So what happened to Lund? I can’t find anything about a songwriting career or any social media links to her, but if you know, leave a comment to enlighten me!

Another update! I got this from a FB friend:

“There are conflicting stories about what happened to her. One was she became addicted to drugs and overdosed. Another was that she married Canadian musician Michael Fonfara (who played for Lou Reed). Michael sadly passed away last year. A friend set up a gofundme for his widow (named Avril) and their two daughters. There are some pictures in the update section and she looks similar to Avril Lund. I personally believe it’s probably her.”…/show-some-michael-fonfara…

Speaking of Penthouse, this Actress graced the cover of that magazine as well:

What’s fascinating about Corinne Russell is her unique role in the 007 film “Octopussy”! Click here to see that story and more provocative photos:

Another Penthouse Pet is arguably the most Iconic of the 80’s Cult Movie Queens:

Julie Strain had an incredible career before a devastating injury ended it…see her story here:

Here’s another Penthouse Pet who also had a small but memorable role in one of the funniest films of the early 80’s!

Cheryl Rixon is one of the Models who disrupts the live Super Bowl telecast in the raucous comedy “Used Cars!”

Click here to see more of her wild career:

And what about Carol Wayne, who appeared many times on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and had a great career underway:

So how did she turn up dead in Mexico?

Click here to read more about this disturbing mystery:

Another “big bust superstar” also disappeared after making a big splash in men’s magazines:

What happed to Roberta Pedon?

Click here for the whole story:

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10 replies

  1. The Love Boat picture is just a gag. There are tons of these on Facebook with pictures of Charles Manson, Traci Lord, Vampira and so on. I can see that that’s a Penthouse photo that is being used.


    • Pity it’s a gag, a special all-sex-symbol episode of “The Love Boat” would be fun (although TV’s homeliest lothario i.e. Doc would probably have way too much screen time as a result.) You’d think Aaron Spelling would’ve leapt at the chance!

      Liked by 1 person

      • That would be so funny – I thought perhaps it’s was an X-rated parody or something, but just fan art! I had a meeting with Spelling once..he had a butler with white gloves serve us soft drinks on a tray!


  2. Great detective work, John. Avril was certainly hot stuff in her day!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I nominate her The Queen of Tanlines!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Avril Lund was indeed married to Michael Fonfara. Here’s a reference to her in an obituary for Mr. Fonfara:

    “At one point he had separated from his second wife, Avril Fonfara. ‘We got back together, though, and had a love affair over the last few years,’ the Dublin-born former nurse and model said. ‘It was quite unexpected, and I’m thankful I was with him at the end.'”

    There can’t be all that many Dublin-born former nurses and models named Avril.

    Here’s the obituary:

    One article I found about Michael Fonfara mentioned that his wife Avril was a cancer survivor (The Windsor Star, 10/16/2010). I’ve also found dozens of newspaper articles regarding Avril’s PR work for Penthouse between 1973 and 1976, many with photos, if you’re interested.


  5. I have some pictures of Avril from 2009. They were hidden away on her daughters FB page….



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