Actress Susan McIver Made Some Wild Cult Movies And Was A “Gold Digger” Too!

What A Drive-In Movie Poster!

One of my Facebook friends shared this poster, and it has such a classic 70’s cult film look- and when I checked the credits, I knew it was worth finding out more!

Celebrating Actress / Singer Susan McIver!

When I see these posters, I always check out the credits, and discovered Cult Actress Susan McIver – who not only had a great TV and film career, but she was a “Gold Digger” too!

That’s her with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin – just one of the fascinating facts about her! Let’s look at her career:

She was born Susan McIver in 1946, but changed her name when she got married.

She acted under the name Susie Ewing until she divorced then reverted to Susan McIver…

She achieved fame in the late 60’s as one of Dean Martin’s “Gold digger girls” and went on tour as a singing act.

We want to focus on her cult film work – including a short run of great drive-in movies:


This cult gem tells the story of young female cops who try to infiltrate a girl gang!

Check out the trailer:

McIver had time to take a shower as well as fight crime!

Cult Movie Queen Jeanne Bell also starred in this one:

She also had a great cult film career – click here to see her greatest hits!

Susan was also in “Dirty O’Neill” the same year – another cop movie!

Of course, Jeane Manson also appeared in this one:

This stunning beauty was also a singer!

Click here to see her credits:

That same year, Susan appeared in the film that sparked my interest in her:

Yes, it was an Al Adamson “women in prison” action spectacular!

Here’s the plot:

A team of girls break out of a prison came and go on a killing spree across the country.

Check out this wild vintage trailer:

No knock against Adamson, but his best movies are drive-in films that offer some nudity, action and pretty faces…

This was also known as “I Spit On Your Corpse” – no doubt to take advantage of the success of this film:

Actress Camille Keaton starred in this controversial shocker…and had a great career in cult cinema as well…see her biggest hits here:

As for “Girl’s For Rent”, it also starred Georgina Spelvin, one of the most famous XXX-rated Actress at the time!

She had a love scene with a snake in the notorious “Devil In Miss Jones” – see that and her other film credits here:

Georgina wasn’t the only Adult Star who managed to work in cult cinema:

Marilyn Chambers was the notorious “Ivory Snow” girl, an adult superstar and Actress in Director David Cronenberg’s classic “Rabid!”

See it all by clicking here:

Susan appeared in “The Dynamite Brothers” – another classic blaxploitation film from 1974 – a very busy year for the Actress!

McIver left the film and TV business after a string of supporting roles in films like “Smokey And The Bandit” – and she toured as one of the “Gold Digger” Singers!

Bravo to McIver for transitioning into a music career!

As I mentioned, she appeared in a film with an Adult Actress who managed to cross over into mainstream film.

Here’s another one of the great Adult Movie Queens:

Seka was a stunningly beautiful adult film star – see her career highlights here:

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  1. I had never heard of Susan, or The Gold-diggers. Great ‘retro’ feature, John.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. It has to be said when an Al Adamson movie looks better than yours, you’re doing something wrong…


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