Virgins Roasting Over An Open Fire! “Virgins From Hell”! The Wildest Cult Cinema From The Philippines!

In The Mood To Dine With These Kick-Ass Chefs?

Yes, you are seeing a woman being roasted on a spit – which can only mean it’s time to dive into the deep end of cult cinema with this wacky gem:

Virgins From Hell! – 1987

Prepare to be schooled by Mondo Macabro’s release of “Virgins From Hell”, because watching this two-disc delight is like taking a class in the history of Indonesian exploitation film. And what a film it is!

Part biker movie, part Women In Prison film, “Virgins From Hell” is a revenge tale about a pack of women united against Mr. Tiger, a mobster who previously killed the biker gang leader’s parents in order to co-opt her family home for his underground narcotics manufacturing plant. Um, OK…

The film has a real “80’s” look, glossy with vivd colors, even if the sets are clearly low budget – it was, after all, shot in Indonesia, where filmmaking was a very low budget affair…

Still, any film that has a guys head trapped between a fighting prisoner’s powerful legs is worth the price of admission! And fo course, the “roasted virgins on a spit” as well…

Watch “Virgins From Hell” to see girls in colorful latex, Power Ranger-like biker suits and boots writhing in their cave prison, or Mr. Tiger’s disco palace!

This is one groovy cast…and this film is a whole lotta sleazy fun!

Enny Beatrice is the star of this film – a great example of films made in the Philippines!

Mondo Digital brought out a special edition which had a great mini-documentary about Indonesian filmmaking – if that interests you, then you should check out this movie as well:

“Bare Behind Bars” just might be the wildest “women in prison” film I’ve ever seen! It was filmed in the Philippines as well, and you can see more of this X-rated shocker here:

Now, if you want to know more about this wild time in cinema, here is the documentary for you!

“Machete Maidens” is the wild story of filmmaking in the Philippines in the “anything goes” 70’s!

Check out the documentary here:

Pam Grier showered in “The Big Doll House” – made in the Philippines of course!

See some of her wildest films here:

In fact, some of the biggest cult stars of the 70’s worked in this country:

Laura Gemser shot a number of sleazy gems here and you can see them all by clicking this link:

Rosanne Katon worked there on films like “The Muthers” – check out her credits here:

Oh, and if you need more Virgins:

Here’s a whole tower of them! This is a classic early 70’s erotic horror film, using vintage locations while upping the nudity for a more “mature” moviegoer:

Check out more pics from he film and see the trailer as well by clicking on my story here:

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  1. Gemser is too yummy for words. chuq

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  2. We certainly hear very little about the film industry in the Philippines, John. Well done for showcasing it.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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