Japanese Actress Hitomi Tanaka Had A “Huge” Career!

Meet Hitomi Tanaka – Japan’s “Biggest” Adult Movie Queen!

One of my Facebook friends shared this picture, and it made me want to know more about Hitomi Tanaka, who is arguably Japan’s most recognizable porn star!

Yes, her very ample bosom is her calling card – but she is little known in the US, because, although the 35-year-old Adult Film Actress makes occasional trips to the U.S. to attend industry events, she works exclusively in Japan!

My “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” has a look at her unique career – a stunningly beautiful woman with a huge fan base in her home country.

According to an online biography, Tanaka was a commercial model: she worked car shows and other events, but she ultimately moved into the adult film world of Japan.

As is the law in Japan, all genitalia and hard-core sex scenes are pixelated.

Hitomi made her first adult video in 2008; since then, she’s starred in over 150 films! 

Interestingly, her biggest asset in the adult film world has a downside. As she said:

“I don’t go to the beach and I don’t swim in pools. It would be too distracting being around normal people with breasts like these. People would stare, laugh, or even point fingers. Even when I’m in regular clothes, I’ll sometimes hear whispering from nearby people about my figure. I’ll do my best to hide my body in loose-fitting clothing especially during summertime train rides.”

The internet is filled with images of her, as well as numerous DVD compilations – I haven’t checked to see their availability in the US, but she clearly has a large fan following:

Oh, and as she shared on Twitter, she’s a black belt in karate!

Tanaka’s not joking, either. “REAL Black belt,” she captioned one photo of her belt. “YES! I’m [a] fighter.”

Bravo to Tanaka for an empowered career – she one of many modern-day Adult Film Stars I’ve profiled:

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Let me know your thoughts on Hitomi’s career!

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  1. Hitomi is well-known to me, and world-famous for her beauty and considerable ‘assets’. She is still very active today, as far as I am aware.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Hitomi is the only porn female that I rarely look at. Her body and face are great! conyersj06@gmail.com

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