Celebrating Adult Actress Cyndee Summers! From “Teenage Bride” To Rene Bond And More!

Celebrating The Career Of Cyndee Summers…

I got an email from a reader who asked about an Adult Movie Queen who I didn’t know at all…so it prompted me to look into the life and career of Cyndee Summers…

My “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” looks at the career of an adult film star, who never had the main starring roles, but appeared across a wide variety of films…

Cyndee Summers was born Cynthia Yvette Laurent in Los Angeles California.

Here’s how the great film database IMDB.com described her:

“Cyndee represented a mature womanly element to the X-rated film genre of the 1980s. Blessed with a great natural body, this raven-haired beauty brought sultry sex appeal to her roles. “

While not that well known, she appeared in more than 50 films in her career, using a variety of on-screen names.

She got her start in the early 70’s and worked steadily throughout the 80’s as well…here are some of her most well known films:

One of her earliest roles was this XXX-rated take on the classic love story…

Cyndee was listed first, but look at who else starred in the film:

Rene Bond had a terrific exploitation career – but a sad ending to her life…you can see her whole story by clicking here:

Cyndee also appeared in this provocative XXX-rated film:

“The Dicktator”

This 1974 film is decidedly un-PC: When a male birth-control pill accidentally sterilizes the male population, the birth rate drops to zero and the President of the U.S. orders the CIA to scour the globe for potent males!

Angela Field – AKA Angela Carnon also starred in this one, and she had a fascinating story as well. Click here to see more!

Cyndee continued to appear in films that crossed over from “R” to “XXX”!

A provocative title to be sure! Her credit on the poster says “Cindy”, one of the many names she used in film.

Sharon Kelly also starred in this film – she also went from cult cinema to “XXX” as well – check out her story here:

Our good friend 42nd Street Pete released a triple feature that highlighted all of Cyndee’s best work:

“Older Women With Young Boys”

This 1985 film played up her more mature look in an industry that was highlighting younger Actresses.

One of her last projects was “Divorce Court II” in 1987. Soon after, Cyndee left the business. Sadly, Cyndee died in 2009 – she was just 60 years old.

Cyndee was one of many classic Adult stars of the 80’s:

Lisa De Leeuw had a spirited career and you can see all of her greatest hits here:

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  1. Thanks for another great writeup, John. Got to give it up for the redheads.

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  2. Your profiling of Cyndee brings to mind another actress with the surname Summers. Might want to do a profile of Hillary Summers; one of my favorites, and outstanding in “The Budding of Brie,” and “Hot Dallas Nights. Also very good in “Satisfiers of Alpha Blue.” Additionally, she was as cute as a button! Thanks.

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  3. Cyndee had that look of the time. Big hair, and a stern expression! I have never seen any of her work though.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. Great article!



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