Actress Carrie Stevens Holds Your Licker! Her Hilarious Ads And Erotic Thrillers!

Celebrating Actress / Model Carrie Stevens!

My “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” series is profiling Cult Movie Queens across the decades, and I have the story of one empowered Actress who also was part of a suggestive ad campaign!

Carrie was born in Buffalo New York in 1969.

Grew up in Memphis after her mother moved there following her divorce and became a great fan of Elvis Presley and made numerous trips to Graceland.

Stevens studied journalism at Memphis State University – but as was the story for many beautiful women, Playboy came calling!

She was chosen as the Playmate of the Month in the June, 1997 issue of “Playboy.”

Carrie subsequently popped up in several “Playboy” videos and posed for a few newsstand special editions as well.

Carrie “Holds Your Licker!”

Lucky for us, she had a great sense of humor!

Photographer Andre Felix shot this iconic picture – part of an ad campaign that became legendary!

Carrie looks incredible in it – what a gorgeous photo!

Stevens also appeared in the music video for “Never Let You Go” by Third Eye Blind.

Carrie became an Actress and got her start on the daytime soap opera “Days Of Our Lives” – but her first film was even soapier!

“Sins Of Desire”

Tanya Roberts starred in this 1993 thriller. Suspecting foul play, Kay Egan goes undercover to work in a suspicious sex clinic where her sister went to therapy before killing herself.

These “direct to pay cable” erotic thrillers were huge in the 90’s…sadly, Roberts died last year…you can see her best film work by clicking here:

“Point Of Seduction: Body Chemistry 3”

Stevens also appeared in this film as well, you can see that they all had the same vibe – erotic thrillers that were all over pay cable at the time…

In the 1996 erotic thriller “Jane Street”, Carrie had a supporting role…here’s the plot:

Life for the young and beautiful Kim becomes unbearable. Her boss, Marshall, helped to find her apartment – where the previous tenant was killed. Kim begins to suspect Marshall may be the murderer.

Stevens also worked in mainstream film and TV as well – she had a recurring part on the TV series “Black Scorpion,” as well as guest appearances on episodes of “Weird Science,” “Beverly Hills, 90210,” “Pacific Blue,” and “Two and a Half Men.”

She was in a four year relationship with former KISS drummer Eric Carr until his death in 1991.

Stevens because quite an entrepreneur, launching the on-line green fashion magazine “Envi-Image.”

She also took part, along with Playmates Dalene Kurtis, Christy Shake and Nicole Narain in a photo shoot in a mansion with a Turkish Bath – in order to share tips on how to conserve water and protect the environment!

Check it out:

“Who’s Your Daddy?” offered her this revealing role, which lives forever on social media…

Carrie is still active in film and TV – bravo to her for such a great career!

Shannon Tweed also had a long relationship with a member of KISS, and starred in many 90’s erotic thrillers as well:

Tweed is a great Cult Movie Queen, and you can see all of her credits here:

Here’s another iconic 90’s “direct to video” star:

Joan Severance had a great run of erotic thrillers…see her most provocative by clicking on my story here:

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  1. Carrie Stevens is only a few months older than me! A lot better looking though!

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  2. Thanks for featuring Carrie. I had never seen her before, and she was pretty special!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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